Yes, botters will use the 58 boost

Whether you are for or against the 58 boost, to say “botters won’t use it” is fundamentally flawed on multiple levels. Most arguments against this boil down to these statements, which I will debunk using actual info from real botting forums on wow classic:

1. The boost cost is too high, botters won’t pay that.

Let’s assume the boost cost is same as retail level boost = $60. 60 dollars in terms of classic gold on selling sites is (at the time of writing) around 2,000-3,000 gold. Yes, botters only need to recoup 2-3k gold to pay for their boost. Reading various botting forum, it’s often botters make $300-1000 per month. (Highly variable, but you get the point)
To say botters won’t recoup 2-3k gold thru botting and thus it’s “too expensive” is laughable compared to what they make in a month, and that doesn’t even include all of the benefits the 58 boost brings to botters.

2. Botters can already levelbot 24/7 to 58 in a few days!

Botters often do not work 24/7, becuase it’s an extremely easy way to get banned. Any player logged in for more than 16 hours is likely to be flagged by Warden for review. if you search and find wow classic guides to botting, the NUMBER 1 piece of advice is, do not bot 24/7, because that’s how you get banned quick. Some bots will break this rule of course, but that’s more an exception to the rule.

I’m not going to link to cheating forums but I will quote excerpts from botting guides that touches on this:

"Tips and tricks to stay safe on retail and classic WoW while using the ********* bot
Bot between 2-3 hours a day, splitting up the time if you can i.e. 1 hours during the night and 2 hours in the afternoon (note that ********* has a feature that allows you to quit WoW after x minutes).

“Safe Usage:
I never left the bot running for more than 3 hours, half of the time i would use the ********* feature. Usually *** or **** mins, I advise you make up your own ********* if you wish to use this feature.”

(Blanked out info as to not support or provide info towards any of these services)

As you can see, botters often DO NOT run 24/7. To say botters will level “24/7” to 58 in a few days is wrong. Yes, some botters DO run for a long time, but this is again more of exception, not the rule of how most bots operate.

Secondly, botters often cannot reach max level as fast as a player levelling normally. The answer is twofold: 1, the botting software often doesn’t care about quests and grinds mobs for xp as it’s easier to code that way. 2. Level bots are the most risky bot because it often brings you in direct contact with other players, allowing you to be mass reported and flagged. The loss of an account while levelling is wasted processing power, time and sub cost to account that gained zero money.

3. Botters can just levelbot for free, they don’t need the boost.

Level botting software isn’t free and is often costly as these cheats are constantly updated to evade detection. Level botting software needs a special software to bypass Warden and WoW API to function, and the two most popular of these cost $50 dollars or $24 per month respectfully. This software isn’t a bot program, it’s just designed to bypass WoW API to enable cheats like flyhacking/pathfinding/etc. Then on top of this botters have to either purchase the bot program itself which is often 20-45$ per month or spend even more money hiring someone to design them private software.

So as you can see, level botting software is already expensive, 58 boost will vastly reduce the amount of money botters have to spend botting up to 70 and increase their profits and turnaround much quicker.

I know this thread will devolve into Boost vs Antiboost war, but it’s important to remember: Whatever your opinions on the 58 boost, if you support or hate it, remember that this will be a useful service for botters and we should demand that Blizz takes harsh action against botters and closely investigates purchasers of the 58 boost for signs of illicit activity.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post :slight_smile:


Say it takes on average 4 months for Warden to catch the person who levels to 60 and it takes 4 months to catch the guy who boosts to 60.

The price as you said is $60 to boost 1 toon.

So you boost that 1 toon to 58 then hit 60, then have 4 months to bot for gold.

Or i buy 4 accounts and bot/ mage boost them to 60 for the SAME price as your boost.

Im willing to bet at the end of the 4 month life cycle of all the toons, the 4 toons who leveled will make way more profit then the 1 boosted toon.

This is where all of what you say is meaningless, at the ned of the day 4 is greater than 1.


And to add to this the risk is greater for 1 boosted account vs 4 separate accounts.

Like Blinkndrink said, why level open world when you can mage boost your own toons? AoE cap will slow things down a little but mage boosting will still be truly alive and well. Go check out the TBC Beta 500 Mara pull on Youtube.


Look at the 400k xp/hour slave pens runs by a solo mage.

4 bots for the same price of 1 will always net more gold.

Bots will not be buying boosts.


Do you think it’s likely that the bot runner isn’t going to pirate the bot software as well? A lot of them are already using stolen CCs so they can either pirate the software or buy it with someone else’s money.

Also, regardless of the amount of time per day each bot is running the math is still the same. Once the 5 bots catch up in level to the boosted toon, they will out pace the boost quickly.

Nonboost income: (Days_Operating - Days_to_Level) * 5 * Gold_per_day where Days_Operating >= Days_to_Level
Boost income: Days_Operating * Gold_per_day
Nonboost overtakes boosting:

  1. (Days_Operating - Days_to_Level) * 5 * Gold_per_day = Days_Operating * Gold_per_day
    //Gold_per_day drops out of the equation on both sides so is unimportant
  2. (Days_Operating - Days_to_Level) * 5 = Days_Operating
    //expand non boosted equation
  3. 5Days_Operating - 5Days_to_Level = Days_Operating
    //reduce Days_Operating functional occurence
  4. 5Days_Operating - 5Days_to_Level - Days_Operating = Days_Operating - Days_Operating
    4.b) 4Days_Operating - 5Days_to_Level = 0
    //Scenario Days_to_Level = 9 (72 hours linear @ 8 hours per day)
  5. 4Days_Operating = 5 * 9 = 45
    //solve for overtaking day
  6. Days_Operating = 45 / 4 = 11.25 days

5 bots overtake a single boosted bot after 11.25 days of operation if you take 9 linear days to level. At that point you will be making 5X the amount of gold of the boosted bot.

The fact that you supposedly know whether or not the bots will use the boost is awfully suspect


It’s very unlikely a botter would pirate the software for two reasons:

1, the software is linked to a server that regularly retrieves a “key” that verifies the authencity of the software. The software can’t work offline, as they keep a portion of the functionality server-side. Thus pirating the botting software is difficult, but not impossible.

2, The reason why the software is paid in the first place is because of the constant race between botters vs Warden protection. As soon as Warden puts the bot software’s signature into their database, it’s game over for profitable botting. Thus the people selling these software will constantly update the software to evade detection. Thus a pirated version would be likely be a old version very quickly and detected.

Hope this helps.

Is it the account being on endlessly that flags it or is that to minimize exposure to players?

In both cases more accounts i the answer, which makes purchasing the boost counterproductive.

Yes, I did a lot of research in botting forums to discover their methods and determine whether or not they are likely to use the 58 boost. Hope this doesn’t bother you!

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I have a question about this, whether botters will or will not use a boost, who cares?

I.e. what does it matter?

There’s no boosts in WoW Classic. According to those who have issues with bots, that hasn’t prevented bots in WoW Classic.

Is there an argument being presented that boosts will have an impact on the ratio of bots to non-bot players in TBC Classic, and that that ratio would change if there were no boosts?

It’s far more effective to boost a single rogue to have it immediately pickpocket farm in Blackrock Depths than it is to have four separate rogues slowly trudging through the world killing one mob at a time for a week or more.

Mostly because less people are gonna jump through hoops to report them when they /who them. That’s just one farm though.

100% false.

If pickpocketing is worth gold, then its more beneficial if youre selling gold to have 4x the amount of rogues for the same price as 1 rogue.

I don’t think you’re factoring in security in this equation, which is just as important as profits.

Its a company that bots to sell gold, they will be banned eventually they dont care, accounts are 15 bucks.

The more the better.

4 is greater than 1.

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Technically cheaper, depending on what region they convert their hard-earn cash to, or so I’ve been told.

Correct but a boost will still be 4x the price of a sub.

Could marginally be true if Classic was not cross platformed with retail where bot accounts start and literally pay for them selves. But as you mention time is money.

To make matters worse for classic.

Have a look at what can be done utilizing only a small bot force in retail to prop up a bot force in classic. The gold buyers effectively pay the bills, and the boost is cheap even @60$

OP, do people really think they won’t? Bots are drooling over boosts. There was a Q&A recently from some podcast where the bot said boosts will let them run rampage.

I’m honestly confused how anyone could think otherwise. Boosts are perfect for bots. But it’s up to Blizzard to deal with them. Sadly they’ve demonstrated a lack of desire to do so.

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I dont think they will be using it regardless of what that podcast said.

I think we would really need to look at how much they would make for a boosted too vs how much they would make for 4 non boosted toons, and we dont have those numbers.

Dungeon boosting, GDKPs and eventually arena boosting - all of which the community actively participates in and encourages - do far more for bots than one $60 level 58 boost in terms of profits.

You’re beating a dead horse with this bot concern whilst the other horse is galloping around freely with the gaming culture the classic community has already created.