WoW Classic Realm Forums are Open

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You’ll find them on the main page for the forums, and here are links straight in:

Anathema PvP
Arcanite Reaper PvP
Arugal PvP
Ashkandi Normal
Atiesh Normal
Azuresong Normal
Benediction PvP
Bigglesworth PvP
Blaumeux PvP
Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Deviate Delight RPPvP
Earthfury PvP
Faerlina PvP
Fairbanks PvP
Felstriker PvP
Grobbulus RPPvP
Heartseeker PvP
Herod PvP
Incendius PvP
Kirtonos PvP
Kromcrush PvP
Kurinnaxx PvP
Mankrik Normal
Myzrael Normal
Netherwind PvP
Old Blanchy Normal
Pagle Normal
Rattlegore PvP
Remulos Normal
Skeram PvP
Smolderweb PvP
Stalagg PvP
Sulfuras PvP
Thalnos PvP
Thunderfury PvP
Westfall Normal
Whitemane PvP
Yojamba PvP
Windseeker Normal

Keep your feet on the ground!

Server List
Where are the Classic realm foruns?
Classic Realm Forum
Realm Forums Request Megathread
Can we get server-specific forums
Why Don't We Have Server Forums?
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This is great thank you!


blizzard, you stole my thread! I demand a free cookie.


Very cool thank’s guys.

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403 Access Denied?


When will be able to post on our classic avatars (above lvl 10)?

Blue - Can we get server specific forums for Classic

cool we can introduce ourselves now, and maybe read all 5 Game of Thrones books to each other before getting our characters to meet in game.

(Rhah) #9

Same as the server itself apparently…



(Mokral) #11

This helps the 1000 people that have actually gotten to play. They know what server they can actually play on. Rest of us are still stuck waiting in the Q to even get in and get past level 1


Holy crap not even the forums work. Like how do you make 100 billion a year and can’t figure this out?


so the ques for the classic servers wouldn’t be so bad if there were streamers and others were not auto-running and auto clicking to keep themselves in the game.


You already can !

Case in point

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Forums won’t work?

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Thanks Kaivax!

That said, I do get a 403 access denied error when trying to check the Grobb forum, so if you don’t mind doing a little more work, I can thank you for that one later too :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome. Thank you! Hate to be that guy but… What about class forums?


Thanks! Awesome!


Blaumeux best server

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Thank You, Kaivax! <3

Congrats on success of classic. Hope the realm issues get sorted out asap!