WoW Classic Realm Forums are Open

Thank you.

If you are getting a 403 error, it’s because you have to log in first before you can see the realm

Updated the OP with Azuresong, Benediction, Thunderfury, and Windseeker.


Which one do I join though? I have only been playing on like 6 of them


how u get classic by ur name?

never mind figured it out

Glad you are keeping a realm list, but when will you address this massive issues on existing realms? You can’t just expect current players to keep re-rolling characters after they have invested in game hours and convinced other players multiple times to follow them.
You all should strongly consider being more transparent with the community about the activity that you are seeing. What percentage of the population are expected to drop off? You should be able to make some educated guesses based on the percentage of people playing that have a BFA purchase and were subbed up within the past two months. What are the server caps and current users allowed.
Whether you want to be transparent or not. Opening new realms and hoping people jump ship only helps when people haven’t already invested time.
I’d like to get back into my server and continue my journey but im staring at a 212 que estimated time <1 min. It was at 232, 1 hour ago…

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We are now distinguished from the other wow players.
Dk’s, monks, DH’s, spacegoats, blood elves, blueberry elves, high elves, goblins, fanatical glowy space goats, moose tauren, crackhead elves, and any other “allied race” need not apply!

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Did somebody say


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already full

ok so basicly if we complain that classic is not like retail you will make classic like retail?

Thank you!!

Is there a realm forum for Netherwind? Also, it is difficult to find these realm forums in general - I would suggest featuring them prominently as they are an important piece in establishing and maintaining community within realms (as they were in Vanilla).

I’ve updated the list at the top of this thread with Anathema and Netherwind.


Netherwind PvP

Why ? I rerolled on Netherwind and it’s a dead server. And it will be completely dead in a couple of weeks so i hope you guys have a back up plan.

I’m on Netherwind and have seen plenty of people.


Can the realm forums be made more visible?

don’t worry, i’m pretty sure they have opened those 2 servers to transfer ppl from the full ones

How can I switch my forum avatar to my class character?