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Population Concerns ( 2 3 4 ) (71)
[A] <Righteous> | Open Recruitment (6)
Is it dang near impossible to find a tank for PUG pre-raid instances? (6)
Transferring? Maybe? How is it there? (5)
[H] <Infamy> - T/W | Now Recruiting (1)
Population has substantial increased with transfers this weekend (11)
<Enigma> weekend team (4)
Transfer refugees (9)
Big horde xfer inc (12)
More Horde Plz (16)
[A] [PvP-EST] <Solidarity> Two night raiding! (11)
[A] <Simplicite> <Tues/Thurs> Recruiting! (10)
[A]<Dawns March>|Tues/Wed| 9:30 EST Start|Loot Council (1)
LF Alliance Guild (1)
[A] <Twisted Nerve> PvE | WPvP (4)
<Systematic> Casual Raiding, T-W 8-11 ET (1)
:rewind: [A] <Rewind> Recruiting for Weekend Raiding (2)
[A] <Time Lapse>|NA-PvP|Mon/Tues| 9:00 EST start time|Semi hardcore|Loot Council (1)
[H] <Sauced> now recruiting for weeknight raiding! (2)
<HOLD MY BREW> [A] | Heartseeker IS RECRUITING! (3)
New transfer looking for a guild to tank for (2)
New Transfer looking for guild (1)
[A] <Invoke> PvE & PVP. (11/11+split onys) -EST Raids ( 2 3 4 5 ) (83)
For those of you who are skeptical, its worth the risk (16)
<Bunky Boyz> [H] - Arriving from Thalnos (4)
I might be blind but cant see info for server (2)
[A] <Four Inches Unbuffed> - T/W - Raiding in October! (3)
[A] <Say the Word> Now Recruiting! (2)
<ETS> [A] [#1 Guild on Heartseeker] TU-Fri 8:30-11:30 P.M EST GUILD IS RECRUITING! (16)