WoW Classic Patch 1.14.4 Known Issues List - Updated 09/20/23


Welcome to World of Warcraft Classic Era patch 1.14.4! We have a few known issues below that we felt were important to share due to their impact and visibility. Please try to avoid posting about the issues below as they are considered “known” and we do not need any more information about them.

We hope to have fixes for some or all of these bugs in place soon, but please note that due to the nature of some bugs, a fix may take some time or may need to be deferred to a future patch.

We’ll keep this list updated in the coming days and weeks, and remove issues when they have been resolved.

Thank you!

Known Issues

  • Ouro may sometimes fail to re-engage the raid after a wipe.
  • Ouro may spawn an additional copy of himself after coming out of a submerge phase.
    • Developer’s Note: We strongly advise not attempting Ouro on hardcore realms until this is resolved as this is likely a guaranteed wipe if this occurs. We hope to be able to identify a fix for this very soon.
  • Tauren melee reach is currently being incorrectly normalized to match other races and is slightly too short.
  • When a Rogue with the Improved Sap talent uses Sap on an enemy player, that player is incorrectly placed into combat.
  • World Buffs may occasionally fail to propagate across layers in certain scenarios.
  • The Tailoring trainer Xizk Goodstitch in Booty Bay does not properly offer tailoring training.
  • Joining a group chat via an in-game channel invite link will cause the chat group to appear empty until a /reload is done or the player logs out of the game and back in.
  • Class colors can no longer be enabled in chat.
    • Developer’s Note: While this was the functionality in the original World of Warcraft until Wrath of the Lich King, you could enable class colors in chat in previous WoW Classic Patches.
  • Mind-controlled enemies don’t have the correct pet bar.

The following issues have been resolved via hotfix:

  • Resolved - Right-clicking to send a group invite to a player on a different realm connected to your home realm sometimes fails.
  • Resolved - There is an incorrect option enabled in the options menu to enable and disable Auto-Attack and Auto-Shot when in melee range.
  • Resolved - There is a display issue where talents learned prior to the patch do not appear to be learned.
    • Developer’s Note: This issue has been resolved as of a hotfix this morning (8/23/23). Players should be prompted to reset their talents on their next login as a result of this fix.
  • Resolved The gates of Ahn’Qiraj are not currently open on Hardcore realms.
  • Resolved Celebras the Cursed does not spawn Celebras the Redeemed upon death.

Annual Scourge Event when?


Annual Scourge Event PLS


This is going to sound really weird but we might want too add it, there’s no annual scourge event in the game? I think it’s bugged?

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Annual scourge event? please?


Talent trees are bugged, and please change the menu interface. Why you change things that none asked for?! … Classic was just perfect


Can’t seem to click spells or group cross realm atm. Add-ons disabled

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The talent trees show no allocations. Some in my guild say their talent-based skills are still present but the tree allocations are missing and I can’t allocate any more points until I know what I’ve already allocated.


…that’s a pretty short known issues list. How are you missing that many things…

Also, gotta agree. Change the menu interface back? Why are you adding non-wow classic items into wow classic? We are here to play classic, not retail.


With this new update, my warlock automatically switches from using a wand when an enemy comes within melee range. Was this an intended change? If so, my warlock ought to be allowed to use more powerful one-handed weapons. He was getting killed every time an enemy got in melee range. This is an unfair and unwelcomed change.


Paladin Redoubt Protection talent isnt triggering on taking crits after some tests. Also seems proc rates for some chance on being struck items are a bit wonky.

Also had some issues inviting guildies from diff servers.


Warlock Gressil Prio inc

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I can’t find the toggle for classic graphic settings that we used to have, I can see waaaaaay too far into the distance now


Also all my warlock pet abilities had been removed from its action bar and I had to replace them manually


Talent tree show no points spent, no points available.


No one wants wrath client in classic era


Now the talent tree is broke. No points shown, no points spent. I guess this is the beginning of the demise of Classic. Blizz adding little tweaks that aren’t mentioned in the patch notes. Change one things and break 5. If it is working, leave it alone. We came back to Classic for a reason.


Talents are not showing up with all addons disabled.