Tauren melee range still bugged

Hey I know Tauren melee range is in the “known issues” post , was just curious on if/when it will be fixed?

Thanks for your time

*forgot to mention this is in regards to Classic era/Hardcore


Unless I’m mistaken on what you’re referring to, that forum post is actually listing things that are not bugs. Tauren hit boxes were larger in classic because of their larger size.

Sorry I’m referring to-

Patch 1.14.4 Known Issues List - Updated 08/28/23

Known Issues

  • Tauren melee reach is currently being incorrectly normalized to match other races and is slightly too short…


Please fix the bug or at least notify us of a eta,
Thank you

Any word yet or have they found the issue and working on a fix please?


Any update on a fix please?

I would very much like this fixed as well.

Any updates please? I would really like to keep playing but im starting to worry the are ignoring the issue, and if so id have to move on. Please at least tell us they are working on it

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It was reported from Blizz that the Tauren range issue was fixed with today’s 1.15 patch.