Tauren melee range still not fixed since patch

Hey, they stated in the known patch issues that Tauren melee range was nerfed and they would fix it, it is still not fixed, was just wondering when/if it will be fixed.


*forgot to mention this is in regards to Classic era/Hardcore


Seems ok, cow warriors still can auto attack my characters through the guard towers. No other race can do that.

Going to fix this or?..

It doesn’t impact Alliance so don’t rush to fix it? That the mindset?


Fallout of what seems like slapping a WotLK client on Classic.

Without the range Tauren male is basically a move from A tier to C.

Must fix

Sorry there was some confusion in the bug report, I’m referring to-

Patch 1.14.4 Known Issues List - Updated 08/28/23

Known Issues

  • Tauren melee reach is currently being incorrectly normalized to match other races and is slightly too short…

Thanks for your time

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How is this still not addressed?

Wild you could say that when stuff like cross faction BGs were implemented to purely help the horde.

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:question: :rofl: :rofl:

They are not fixing it to make it shorter bro, it’s the other way around.

Thinking there is something a lil wack with it, and starting to wonder if its broke only for some cow melee and not others.

IMO I would love to see all the bugs fixed, but also for them to eliminate leeway… leeway especially leeway on AOE (all kinds including melee) are incredibly tilting.

Is this why as im leveling a new tauren druid im noticing stupid stuff like standing right on top of mob its telling me not in range etc? Had this happen a few times in bear form and regular form with a staff even though the tauren looked to be nearly on top of the mob.

Still waiting, I’m hoping they just don’t ignore it and hope we forget? I am having a lot of fun and don’t wanna quit crosses fingers

Any word on a fix yet or an eta?

Thank you

I truly can’t help but think this would be fixed weeks ago if this an Alliance specific issue.

They confirmed this was intentional and permanent unfortunately.

I watched your stream and you were hitting people miles away through the top of the tower in AV hahahaha

Is it really broken?

/nod it is :frowning:
I am supposed to be able to hit them from 2 miles away and right now it’s only one.

I demand a fix!

hehe with only 1 mile i can try to sneak up

When and where did they confirm this?

Use to think the same, but now that I play allies I know its just as crap, they broke reckoning in the same patch, and don’t even list it in bugs.

Also invis is allowing casts to complete without breaking at the start of the cast but only after the cast completes completely eliminating the counter play of pummel, counterapell, earth shock, kick. How its suppose to work and did work from 2019 until last patch was when you cast seduce this would break invis at the very start of the cast 1.5 sec before seduce lands allowing for Good players to interrupt it as intended by patch notes 1.10.

Also in combat timer use to be like 5 sec for PvP, but now its 7 sec making escapes via repentance or gouge or nades far more difficult than before.

Thats just the start of things

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