Classic Era flight paths / auction house / smelting bugged

Classic Era - Thunderfury

Horde - Leaving Splintertree Post in Ashenvale take the flight path to The Zoram Strand. Both times I have tried it teleports me back to Splinterree after landing. Restarting game does not fix it.

Smelting UI seems to be extremely buggy. Will show that you didn’t craft or crafted 1 too many. Just all over the place.

Trying to sell on the auction house sometimes freezes the ability to talk to NPCs for around 20 seconds. Sometimes sells the item, sometimes doesn’t.
Also happens when vendoring items to any NPC.

Had speedtest open on other monitor for the second flight path. No issues with internet speed or latency. Never had a server issue before this patch.


Yep, been having the exact same bug/lag issues on Classic Era – Whitemane – Horde.

Just posted about it in the WoW Classic Patch 1.14.4 Known Issues List - 08/22/23 thread, as I was surprised it hadn’t been mentioned there yet.

Personally, I had the same auction house issue that you did, and I was experiencing similar lag when trying to get mail from the mailbox. Seems like there are lag issues all throughout the game after the patch.

It appears the teleporting issue has been fixed. Just tested it out and didn’t get teleported.