WOTLK doesn't need RDF

As far as I can tell, there are 91 likes on the OP, so unless I have 90 other accounts, it appears I’m not the only one who’s excited to see a WOTLK without the trainwreck feature that is dungeon finder.

Strange, since people keep telling me it’s just me and Red or Bloomsday.

I know a few others who like to use post likes as their main gauge of whether something is popular or not, so I guess it’s worth mentioning.

right guess that’s the best you can come up with, but again from your posting that’s the best character profile I can get, is you meant it.

Judging by your posts and how many people agree with you… you are not popular. Not one bit.

And Red… come on! Sarcasm? You’re just being abrasive. The fact that you’d even consider your posts as misunderstood sarcasm is a joke.

Honestly, look at what I have to deal with.

I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to bother getting in to this wolverine pit, so they just leave a like as a “silent agreement”.

Red just happens to also have the stones to face the pro-DF bullying tactics, I appreciate him as such.

might want to go check out the official blizzard post about it if you want to count like’s for and against. better chance people going to click and read\post in it that, than some nobodies thread.

Yeah, YOU! If people are constantly reporting your threads. If people are constantly debating every detail of what you have to say… the problem is you.

It’s you. It how you say things, not the message. You really seem like a terrible person based on your tone and how you talk down to everyone.


If you think i am talking down to you that is a personal issue. The toxicity is coming from you and yours that lable anyone who disagrees with you as trolls, gold buyers, sellers, boosters, exc.

You go out of your way to try and make us out to be the villan for having a different opinion than you on the subject of rdf.

Heck i have stated i would be ok with a rdf if it had no cross realm, no teleport, and no bonus rewards. I AM WILLING TO COMPROMISE. You aren’t. You have to have your way or you keep kicking and screaming like a toddler.

I dont want any rdf, but if what I (and ithers agaist rdf) view as the worst parts of it get removed then i will compromise to there being a rdf.

Heck i have even stated that if it only looked cross realm after a certain avetage wait time is reach for that realm (30+ min) then it goes cross realm.

We have different opinions on rdf. And thats fine. But the real difference between you and me. Im willing to compromise to a degree. You aren’t. And somehow that makes me the troll. Lol.

You have accused three different people of talking down to you now. Disagreements is not talking down to you. When someone attacks your position, it has NOTHING to do with YOU as a person.


If you want to look at my post history you will see i already planned on leveling a paladin and dk tank for wotlkc. To help other people do their heroics.

But hay, facts are not as important as your feelings…

What lol?

I don’t talk down to anyone, I just disagree and then propose a counter argument.

Often the response is some toxic debasing of my credibility or a personal attack of some kind because people hate being disagreed with here.

Of course, if you take the gloves off and purposely act like a dingus, I will also not take too much care with my words. I work on equivalent exchange.

how much you charge? fact is I have not see any of the Pro LFD bragging how they can mess up your game play.

I cannot being to count how many times I’ve seen you call someone an idiot, or they’re wrong, or ask them how they could possibly think they’re right.

You’re just as bad if not worse. At least zippy is doing the passive aggressive thing, you just come right out and say it.

I have a long history with these clowns. You will never see me talk this way to anyone else. They deserve every little bit of it.

You should stop talking down to him. He might report it as a death threat…

Literally nobody deserves your repetitious toxicity sourced from nothing other than bitterness at being disagreed with.

I’m only toxic when it comes to you and your forum troll friends. Prove otherwise if you can.

“I’m not a murderer with anyone else except the person I murdered”

“I’m not a bully except with the people I bully”

Yeah ok

No what you do is move goal posts whenever a reasonable solution to whatever your problem is. You do not discuss compromises in good faith.

Some people will, you do not.

You love this don’t you? Playing the victim?

So sad.

anyone that just spouts repeatably over and over “you can just use lfg chat” to make a group on a empty server is tolling or can’t read one of the two.

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Dumbcake, I know you’re not particularly fond of me, but I think you should consider taking a break from the forums, before you are forced to take one by Blizzard themselves.

Calling others names violates the CoC and it really isn’t productive in any conversation. If you’re trying to make a point or argument about the game, well, I’m afraid that was lost about 20 posts ago.

You do have to keep in mind that this is the internet. We all come from diverse backgrounds and different worlds. I think, it would be a miracle for us all to agree on every issue. Someone disagreeing with you is normal – it’s not trolling nor is it talking down to you. Calling someone a “terrible person” is both of those things.

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