WOTLK doesn't need RDF

"Well you clearly have the tools for group making to be a simple process, so as it stands I think you’ll A-OK in this version of WOTLK :slight_smile: "

Love the passive-aggressive approach with a smile. Par for the course.

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I still don’t understand what problem there is if any of implementing RDF as it existed in WotLK so that people have the option to use it. The only supposed argument against that I have seen is since people have the tendency to take the path of least resistance that they will in turn use RDF as opposed to forming their own groups much in the way they do presently. So, because some subset of the playerbase that is anti-RDF lacks the conviction necessary to stave off the temptation to use RDF as opposed to forming their own groups no one should have the option to use RDF? You’ll forgive me but I fail to see even an ounce of logic in that. I also can’t imagine how anyone could possibly trust Blizzard with whatever it is they are cooking up to replace RDF/LFD.

Oh please. My posts are being reported as death threats and simply go through “Dumbcakes” post history to get a good idea of how gloves-off people are to me simply for praising a good decision.

You can take a little passive aggression, champ.

Par for the course for you to act all victimized when there’s any retaliation no matter how small.

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There isn’t. Zippy and some others have some issues they’re working through here in the boards.

Can’t take the heat when someone calls out your trash posts? I have nothing to do with you getting death threats. That’s your terrible personality folks are reacting to. Maybe accept the fact that you’re an abrasive passive aggressive troll beast and people might start liking you.

Change your ways now sir or Ma’am. There is still time!

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I’m not going to instantaneously begin to like a feature that I have for over a decade believed contributed to the downfall of one of my favorite MMOs.

I get that you see no downside but this dislike of RDF isn’t exactly out of nowhere or a recent development.

It takes more than cheap insults and immature interpretations of my words to convince me that I’m in error.

People not liking a post is one thing.

False reporting it, as a death threat no less, is abuse of the report feature and the offender should be the one getting the forum ban.

So you’re justifying false reporting just because someone is, allegedly, a little passive agressive?

Do you think maybe this is why Blizzard doesn’t always listen to feedback from certain subsections of the community, mainly the ones that spew heinous vitriol whenever something doesn’t go their way?

That seems to be a tactic of the pro-LFD crowd curretnly.


There’s that passive aggressiveness again. Just let loose!

Maybe someone new will pop in and you can argue with them a bit. Maybe Red will jump on your side. I never see you two post without one another.

Ayup, Red and Bloom have arrived to save you. I mean, you have Blooms on your side. If that doesn’t speak ill if your forum character I don’t know what does. You have the trolliest of forum trolls backing you up.

Change your ways.

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Ain’t me doing it. So… why reply to me?

I just warched the community fall into toxicity after rdf was added the first time.

What exactly is the problem with Bloom other than supposedly the idea that low level forum characters are somehow 2nd class citizens (which also applies to you, if true)?

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Reporting a troll post for trolling isn’t false reporting.

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Stop warching things then. Your opinion is not my opinion.

Because showing you what people do with 0 consequences with a sarcastic post means i will definitely be doing that right?

The problem is that I disagree with him. Disagreeing with Dumbcake means you are troll, clearly.

showing me what you would do if you don’t get your way, throw a tantrum an mess with others game. *seeing as that what you think of right away, yes you would, all I have to go off of what I know of you is what I see you post onthe forums

Then lable it as trolling and let blizzard decide if it is trolling or the person just having a different opinion than you.

After all, trolling to you means anyone that doesnt agree with you.

But reporting it as death threats? The person who did that report should see a forum ban for abusing the report feature.

Talk about zero consequences? You zippy and bloom constantly talk down to everyone here every day. You three are the triumvirate of passive aggressive crap posters in this forum. Look at the three of you? Always arguing. Always telling each other they’re wrong.

And you talk about shattered community? You three are jokes around here.


Well we have only her word that’s why it was flagged and she’s not very trust worthy.

I just gave an example i experienced multiple times.

Not my fault you missed the sarcasm of “I am personally going to do it”.