WOTLK doesn't need RDF

Thanks Bloom. Means a lot coming from you.

I will repent. Are we friends now?

For friends and friends of friends, free.

I plan on only using them when someone asks me to tank. Or i just want a change of playstyle. My main will be a hunter, as it has been since actual vanilla.

So you do charge at least we know that now. only time I tanked was during LK and never charged anything to anyone.

Please link where i called anyone an idiot.

Calling someone “wrong”? You mean disagreeing with them?

And asking them why they think they are right? You mean asking them for evidence, proof, exc to back up their “facts”.

It’s people who are completely incapable of understanding that others are not in the same situation as them.

Like oh not everyone plays a tank on a high pop server during prime time?


I have no desire to look through your 5000+ posts at the moment. I will however be sure to quote the next time you call someone a name.

Disagreeing implies there’s an opinion, being wrong about a fact is just being wrong.

I single-handedly, with one post, fostered the most expansive source of discussion on this subject on this entire forum. What have you done?

If the devs are reading anything in regards to just gleaning arguments for either side, you can probably reasonably assume that this thread is a key hotline for them in their expendable research time.

I’m interested in fostering that type of discussion. The kind that does something, and affects something. I may have my own side, but that’s what I’m here for, to represent that side on the most notable stage, against the most notable arguments of the other side, and then let the chips fall where they may, as Blizzard makes the call in the end.

Just like the dual spec in TBC discussions, it’s possible to easily glean who had the more effective argument. They almost nerfed it in WOTLK. Us who opposed dual spec in TBC put in some solid work in thousands of posts defining why dual spec is…problematic. I’m proud of the work we did even if it almost bled in to another expansion.

Similarly, we are doing the same important work here. Helping to guide the game to a better future than where it actually ended up originally. Classic deserves a different trajectory. Not to make the same mistake twice.

It’s all completely honest work, and I understand that this makes you seethe, but in the overall your ire doesn’t really concern me because the goal is simply reasonable discussion that has influence. Hopefully in my favored direction, but either way.

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Dude. Just stop. Seriously.

Exactly what I’m talking about. This holier than thou act is getting old.


I’m friends with anyone and everyone that wants to be friends. And as a friend, I think it would be best for you to take a break from the WoW forums.

Maybe when I catch up to you in # of posts.

Any idea on how I can rile up an arena forum? Can you link me some of the topics you started there?

I’ve read the arena forums post that you are referencing.

Mind explaining what exactly is the issue with it?

Seems like a well-intentioned post that is meant to kindle inclinations towards better behavior, using elegant language and good formatting.

I have been advised to take a break from your friend Bloom.

No further questions.

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The basis for the break wouldn’t be a numbers thing. You seem to be getting upset that others are disagreeing with you – but that’s kind of the entire point of the forums. It’s for player-to-player discussion wherein we agree and disagree with each other.

If i am charging it would be to make up the gold i would have gotten just farming instead. I have my paladin tank as a skinner to farm normal occulus leather. If i get a random whisper from someone asking me to tank i might charge some gold. It wont be hundreds, but maybe 20-25g total. What i woukd get from 1 or two dailies. Because thats the amount of time it takes to do a wotlk heroic. (And me farming the leather with that tine would likely yeild far more than that on average)

Do you think it unfair for me to expect my time to be compensated to some degree?

I dont think its right to charge a lot of gold, but thats if they whisper me for it out of nowhere. If i chose to join their group from lfg chat, it will be free.

Depends on what I want to do at the time. If i wanted to do a dungeon, free, if i wanted to do something else and i am going out of my way for a stranger i might charge enough that it will at least cover a repair bill or two if the group is bad.

And rdf being good or bad for the game is an opinion based on preference.

I just queue up in LFD in wrath because it was fun and helped people at the same time, gearing people up and met others, made the game better for everyone. (you must not have been there, was a bit of tank shortage). *hmm never had that much of a repair bill that the random junk didn’t cover? *you wipe a lot?

Are you worried about WOTLK-C’s success without RDF?

well if it not in, not going to pay to move all my toons over to a new server so I’ll just unsub, I was looking forward to playing ranged SV but as it is won’t be able to play it to much at max level or in dungeons along the way won’t be much content.

The data comes from player metrics because none of the devs actually experienced firsthand what wrath was about. If they did, it would be obvious that preserving the integrity of wrath is better than making changes nobody asked for.

That’s a huge problem. They are making changes based on monetary gain and shareholders pressure. Not what players actually want. What we wanted for classic is different than what we want for wrath. They are two separate entities.