World of Warcraft: Classic and Burning Crusade Classic Characters and Realms

World of Warcraft: Classic and Burning Crusade Classic Characters and Realms

With Burning Crusade Classic™, players will be provided a choice of taking their characters beyond Azeroth and through the Dark Portal into Outland or staying in Azeroth—for all time.

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the paid services is pretty scummy but hey, fluff the numbs


I would say if you are going to make the paid options make them cheap. Nothing over $10 especially with the 58 boost is once per account.

I would however highly recommend that everyone gets a FREE 58 boost and its still one per account. As well as the restrictions to belf/draenei.

Overall the pre-nerf bosses are awesome and seal of blood/vengeance is as well!


I think, level boost is good for players wants only play tbc. And the change of the paladin, I think it’s good, it avoids the imbalance of factions like in retail (Seal of blood for the alliance)


My question is, can i have all the toons i have created on the classic wow servers that are becoming classic bc servers, and copy them to the classic wow only realms and retain those same toons on classic bc servers going forward, or do i have to choose between the two server options?

I am hoping i can copy them, as i do not want to give up classic wow, but i also want to play classic bc. it would be nice if i could copy them over rather than transfer them over.


Like i want to do both blizzard for all time. Just because i am going into bc classic, doesn’t mean i still do not want vanilla classic as well.


I am just waiting for the epic drama with these boost sales :smiley:


Is there going to be a “Phase 0” where the level cap will be 60 and we can play through the prelaunch event where demons come flowing out of the dark portal and we can acquire the Tabard of the Protector?


Please consider adding some fresh servers for TBC and Classic for players who are interested in these options.

I am super excited for TBC, but I’d really like to experience it on a fresh server where we’re all starting on even footing and our adventure over anew. I’m sure there are many other players who feel the same and would like nothing more than to see you offer this option.


Pretty sure thats going to be Pre-Patch which they confirmed, also in that time we can level blood elfs and draenei.

I wouldn’t play on them but hey others would, should have a no transfer restriction to them for a set period of time till maybe phase 3.


The character copy thing really just feels like a BS cash grab IMO.


It is, but at least it was given to us. I would have been really sad if we couldnt copy to Stasis Vanilla server.


Please add fresh servers for players who love your game.


I think given the amount of gold that some people currently have in Classic, I dont think it would ever be ok to let people from other servers transfer to a fresh TBC server in the life of TBC.


There are other gold farms and eventually on that fresh server there will be alot of gold. Though there are more gold sinks however.

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I quite frankly feel this should be the only option. I honestly thought that classic bc servers would be completely new servers entirely. Not this thing where classic servers are basically turning into bc classic servers.

I mean, it is not an expansion of anything. It should just be a server based on a previous wow expansion, nothing more. Should be handled The same way classic wow was handled. Fresh brand spankin new classic bc servers.

I feel if they must do the non fresh transfer option, at least allow me to copy my toons to vanilla classic only servers, and have the ones copied stay the same on classic bc servers. I like both versions of wow, and i should not have to choose vanilla classic or bc classic. We should be able to get both.

I feel in general, the fresh server option just does not appeal to the players who currently play wow. The ones who just don’t wanna level anymore, been there, done that a million times, all we care about is end game and pvp crowd. So that satisfies that market i guess.


With the announcement of TBC being confirmed there are some glaring huge issues with the economy.

Putting the massive influx of gold due to GDKP, gold selling, endless bot farms etc aside.

The character copy feature.

What is stopping people on classic as a guild colluding for gold duping?
Everyone in guild trades someone all their gold, they copy their toon to TBC, and then they move onto the next person, etc,etc.

There is WAYYYY too much gold circulating on classic, I agree with all the other features being presented, but an economy reset/limitation has to be put in place.

Meet everyone half way. Allow a CAP of gold to be brought over. Lets not kill the game before it starts.


great job! just make sure arena season 1 is available first week of tbc


Literally none of my friends who currently play WoW nor the massive crowd who was waiting on BC will be playing if there not a fresh section Classic is unplayable RN with the inflation and bots.


Not to mention no spell batching so rogues are just unplayable at a high level in pvp.