World of Warcraft: Classic and Burning Crusade Classic Characters and Realms

Didnt play classic? heres a paid boost
Played classic and want to play TBC and classic? heres a paid boost.

Scummy company that doesnt care about players only taking more of our money


What about allowing players to opt into pvp realms when they select to move to tbc.

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How is this even going to be possible?

After opting into the TBC server there is no way for that character to interact with other characters who haven’t also already opted into TBC.


I agree, I’d also like to experience TBC on a fresh server where we all start with a clean slate. I doubt I’ll get back into the game being so far behind everyone.


You should really consider making at least ONE fresh server for each, or at least bringing some limited time events like the Scourge Invasion back. Some of us couldn’t be around for a few events like the AQ gates opening or the Scourge Invasion and we’d like to try again.

It doesn’t have to be at the same time that TBC Classic launches, but please do keep fresh servers in consideration. Even if its just one fresh server a year, that would be great.


Kinda disrespectful boosting to 58.


“If you decide you’d like to play your character in both game types, you’ll be able to use an optional paid service to gain access to the cloned character in both game types”

You can do both games, but you gotta pay to clone your character to the Classic Era realm if you’re also keeping it on the progression (to BC) realm.


Hey guys, a big focus needs to be on the experience of the players that are stuck on unpopulated servers. Continuing on my server feels like it can be empty in the future. I wish this was monitored a little more closely as I feel we are separated and there is a lack of people doing dungeons/raids compared to a server that has more people constantly doing all the things. Please keep an eye on this or find a way to merge servers and bring a nice balance of Alliance to Horde ratio. Thank you. Today was great watching Blizzcon!


There is no paid boost. They announced the boost to be free, 1 per account. The only thing “paid” is the option to copy your pre-patch toon to the other server, if you want your toon on BOTH servers.

1st week after Pre-Patch but have a Pre-Patch arena season.

How though? The option is mostly there for the players who either missed out on the Classic Vanilla experience or opted out, but want to participate in TBC.

The good thing is its one per account, 60% speed mount, dungeon blue gear (probably dungeon T0), no professions, and can’t be used on belfs/draenei.

I have friends who didn’t want to play classic but want to play TBC. This means they can join me on TBC launch and not have to level (unless they want to play one of the TBC races that is).

Also another thing to point out is it takes less time to level from 1 to 60 in TBC than in Classic because TBC nerfed the exp needed for certain levels and buffed exp from quests.

So going into TBC anyways it will take less time to level.


I can’t wait for me and my guild to pool our gold together and pay for our BC copy characters so we can just rob the AH. It’s okay because Blizzard gets to dupe their money too. Win Win!


no. there 1000% is a paid boost for people who didnt play classic. They are allowed to buy a boost to 58.

I honestly don’t think keep people’s original servers is going to work. It will most likely be a ghost town for most servers. There must be a merge if they expect it to survive.


We went into TBC originally with our gold why not now?

Should be able to have it both ways. They added new servers, Malorne for example, at release for BC. I shouldn’t be forced to play your way and you shouldn’t be forced to play mine. Fresh Servers / Classic Server Copies can coexist. No Transfers between the two.


yah in the deep dive the head Dev said it was a paid service, now they could still offer one free boost like they currently do with an expansion, but there is no indication of that. for reference it is about at 45 m in the panel

I know multiple people who have 500K+ of gold. They can literally control an economy at any point they want due to GDKP. Yes, they worked for it and I applause them for doing so. But, for some people they don’t want to deal with that as back in the day very few people had 100k+.


Can I start a new character on a Classic Era realm and then transfer to a Progressive BC realm?