Why the lack of Customization?

This would allow new class/race combinations through the sub-races.


You are actually bonkers if you think the developers will expand character customization to the level posted above.

It took immense backlash and several months for them to toss some table scraps at the allied races for 9.1.5. You honestly think they’re capable of creating custom tailored customizations for multiple sub-races? It’s not realistic. At all.


Depends. If its a matter of just restricting access to certain options based on a selected subrace, then it’s not really all that much work to add. If its creating entirely new assets to enable a sub-race, then that is indeed a lot to add. That having been said, easier to add subraces over time too.


High Mountain Tauren Druid form option ideas:

Feral - Wolverine
Balance - Sasquatch (Yes, they even existed in Warcraft III)
Aquatic - River Otter
Travel - Doe option

HMT Shaman Hex Ideas:
Jackalope with HMT horns.



That would actually be cool.

Then it’s time for them to step up their game?


What a wonderful thought. The art team, although capable of producing amazing work, are far from infallible. Case in point: the Nightborne, in almost every aspect, even into 9.1.5.

Personally, I think we’re a long way off before they can indulge players’ wishes for niche sub-races. How about they establish a solid foundation for character customization first? At the pace that they currently move, we’re going to be waiting a while.


They did? They’ve literally said the way they expanded customizations in Shadowlands allows them to make addtions faster, and lo and behold only about 9 months from that they’re adding to Legion Allied Races.

Far from the previous wait 6-8 years for customization updates they were in before.


this is actually super cool!

The disparity between races when it comes to customization, in terms of quantity and quality, are still lacking. That is the foundation I refer to.

They revealed that backend systems had been updated to expedite character customization and then months later followed that up with announcing that there would be no further customization added in Shadowlands. This recent, miraculous stance reversal in 9.1.5 only came after intense player backlash that was covered on major game outlets, and a massive player exodus.

Time will tell if they see character creation/customization as an actual ongoing priority and not just a gimmick to sell new expansions, but I’m not optimistic.


I made a Tauren Priest some time ago, with the idea of making him a “Spirt Walker” (you know, like from Warcraft III ).
I’d like to see a variety of White / Pale / Grey / Blue (?) color options for Tauren.

I’m still looking forward to a Two-Handed Totem (like from the original WoW commercials) for my Tauren Warrior.

Yes, I played a a lot of Warcraft III


Yes because it was a ‘let’s make more money by putting customizations as an expansion feature to increase box sales’ not because they couldn’t expedite customizations, the following backlash and speed with which they’ve been able to add additions to the Legion AR show this - they said HMT would come in a later update, then said actually HMT will come in 9.1.5 as well.

That’s the expedited customization in process.

That would be the dream ofc, but obviously they seek to make profits wherever they can, the backlash is what caused them to get off their laurels but remains to be seen if it continues going forward.

That particular foundation will never change. When it comes to limited time/resources (say 10 artists as an example for every playable race in the game), they’re not going to have them all do 20 customizations per each race/gender when whatever the least played race is barely played. They’ll maybe give those races 10 customizations and then whatever is most popular gets 30+.

This is purely from an efficiency standpoint. And Blizzard have acknowledged already that popular races will get more attention over the least popular. But at least every race will get attention at some point (as they have been).

Hello everyone!

In this thread there has been passionate feedback for Nightborne to have the hand glow effect that is seen on some Nightborne NPCs. We loved the idea after reading your feedback and have been looking into the feasibility of bringing that option to Nightborne character customization. The hand glow effect is a bit more involved and has taken some finessing to figure out due to its unique nature, but we’ve gotten a good grasp on it. In this week’s PTR build, we’ll be bringing a version of this as a new customization option to Nightborne females for testing, with the male hand glow coming in a later PTR build.

The glow effect is a unique customization option and a work in progress, please let us know what you think after testing out the new option on your Nightborne. :blush:


any plans for more void stuff for void elves and people who love that theme!? we are done copy pasting from blood elves i hope



Nice to hear, that sounds pretty good!.

Any ideas on improving the light on lightforged draenei too?

The new customization, while really good, doesn’t actually touch on their “lightforged” status at all. Can we get more crests, tattoos, colours for them and their light as well please?


Lets freaking go! This is great news!

Edit; Here is some more ideas while we are on the subject of Nightborne.

Nightborne Ideas


  • Some Younger/Less Scowly Faces.
  • Face Shape Options.
  • Some Pastel hair colors.
  • Dark Grey Skin Tones like some Nightborne NPCs.

Magical Effects

  • Glowing Hands/Feet/Hair like Nightborne NPCs.
  • Felborne Options.
  • Fel Green, Blue, Dark Purple, Magenta and Coral Eye Colors.
  • The ability to match Glowing Hands/Feet/Hair/Tattoo colors to eye Colors.
  • Brighter Tattoo options.


  • Arcan’dor themed Jewelry.
  • Bracers/Anklets like Nightborne NPCs.

I’m honestly gagged. This is amazing news and will go a long way in bolstering the Nightborne’s identity. :relaxed:


if only i didnt have to buy a race change to be unique again :roll_eyes:

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Excellent news, we truly appreciate to see our feedback has granted good results!!!

Nonetheless, we implore you to take our feedback regarding the issues the Nightborne (especially the males) have regarding their facial options (some even seem to be “bugged” cause their state on ptr doesn´t match the art you kindly deployed when you made the official announcement). It´s a nose / lips issue we have mentioned on the Nightborne customization thread on the ptr, feel free to check there cause there´s VERY good examples and ideas you guys can take from there.

A small option to make the tattoos more visible would be appreciated too, with the lightter skin tones those are literally invisible.

Thank you for listening to us, it makes us really happy and improves our confidence on the company.