Why the lack of Customization?

No, the tattoos were always whatever army color the unit was attached to.

Excepting where the unit was a rescued hero unit in some scenarios.

And those seem what most high elf folk (and most velf folk) want, so why not have the Velfs get hers and the Belfs get the braveheart sort.

Win win… like I said.

Turalyon was ruined by Legion. Sadly.

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I’m talking about the team colours you got in multiplayer and so, the units had modifiers in certain parts of them to chnge colours like WC3

IDK I’m all for them getting different tatts, just don’t give both races the same stuff.

He would’ve been fine if they had him in another role, being more underdog so he could grow, but with Alleria, Velen and Illidan hogging the spotlight they made him just "cool because he’s the leader :open_mouth: " without really doing anything.

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In WCIII it was always still the same at least in any of the parts I played online… and at the time I was even playing the ladder rankings. (poorly)

Though in WCIII Alleria wasn’t present and Sylvanas didn’t have tattoos at all. (Haven’t fiddled with WCIII Reforged all the way through yet.)

Thats what I’m saying… Give them different versions of the Farstrider tattoos. Win win.


Yeah kinda agree with that. He’d be a much better character (up to now. He can still get better depending on where they take him from here I think.) if he’d had room to grow and wasn’t literally somehow the leader of a bunch of LFD.

Oh, the matches I’ve seen in YT do have those, though may have been a later adition or a mod.

No, Alleria isn’t in reforged, what I meant was that WC3 was known for the team colours.

Sure, all races should have some form of tattoos anyway.

I still think we should all get Chest, back and arm horde and alliance symbol tatoos, and they could add other racial symbols as well.

Right now what they could do is give him some vulnerability, maybe his old friends from WC2 start dying of old age, and he realizes even now he can’t save them from time. Or maybe he just can’t connect with his son. Though that’d be too Varian.

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I looked at all the models, there are none.

The only time anything like High Elves having them in WC3 was in an early Alpha called Warcraft Heros, a game that would be developed into Warcraft 3, and it was a Half-Elf Ranger. The model would get reused into Sylvanas and Dark Rangers, but without the markings.

It was likely changed to Night Elves having markings, making them more savage, and High Elves being more tolkien esque. High Elves losing all Celtic Themes and going for a more Arabic inspiration as we go into WoW.


I’ve thought this would be a fun inspiration for a void knight style class, a heavy armored melee void caster.
The symbiotes are void creatures. There are already similar visuals with the void corrupted broken on Argus.
I was thinking a “void form” that focuses more on the solid weird aspects of the void compared to the shadow priests that’s more of a ethereal version.
Have it be something you could shift into for combat similar to a worgen but make it optional (icon you click to manually shift in and out, or right click for auto cast shift in and out on combat[allows for always on, always off, or on during combat])
Instead of half, you go fully formed. Have a variety of different customization options based on void creatures/old gods…variety of tentacles, multiple eyes and colors and so on.
Maybe even some class weapon transmog that matches the skin colors to make it look like the weapons are formed from the body…but yeah, medieval armor wearing void spell casting venom would be a fun void knight class. Could even have some voidberg style facial options for the void form’s face.

I’d typed up a little idea suggestion once for the above, but didn’t get a lot of posts.

Kinda makes me wonder if they were originally tattoos or since they’re rangers, more similar to woad body paint.


Might have been an option too that I just never knew about. Lol


I can see no reason why we shouldn’t.

I could see that.

And let’s be honest blizzard clearly isn’t afraid to reuse the same story arcs…

(looks at WoD and BfA.)

Thought so but I don’t always trust my memory.

Honestly probably more like Woad paints.

We just don’t have much to go on though.


They where heavily Celtic inspired, so that would have been the most likely concept.

Here’s a vid. Shows most units.

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As a matter of fact and after consulting with a friend (Baal), we suspect the High elves in WoW (a.k.a the Blood Elves) did take a more Islamic Indian inspiration. Check this concept art for a Blood mage -who frankly seems Rommath´s v 1.0 alpha-:


His opinion is that the swirly geometric arm tattoos could be very well something implemented using henna as an inspiration. I suspect the mark on his forehead between the eyebrows is something reminiscent of a Tilaka / Bindi. The Belf architecture is ridiculously similar to this:


The music in Eversong and Quel´Danas too is anything but celtic and more oriental inspired, etc.

I´m tempted to ask for Tilaka / Bindi designs for the Belves (using both “paint” and jewerly), but I´m not completely sure this petition could become offensive for irl posters tbqh (I do like the idea of the Belves having a portrayal using Indian Islamic culture as a basis, the Belves re though survivalist and in the middle of all, they ARE pro balance).

The Helves were the “celtic” quota in Warcraft, those are deffinitely a callback to irl celtic warpaint (do you see the resemblance with the current Alleria design?):



I say that is a very safe assumption.

The furniture in Blood Elf zones also lends to this idea. (Throw Pillows/Hookahs/Flowy Translucent Drapes) And I can see a bit of it in the building style, though that is heavily stylized.

I do not see it causing trouble as long as it’s stylized in a WoW fashion to not be a direct rip from IRL cultures. Night Elves have lots of Japanese inspirations for example.

It might indeed even help out with making the jewelry less… gaudy.

Also, I am starting to look at the runic tattoos from the TBC box in relation to this revelation and it seems to fit the aesthetic as well.

It would be a good direction to go for inspiration.


Yup, seems a safe bet indeed.

Velves get the “celtic” inspiration designs for the “Farstrider tattoos”

Belves would get the “henna” inspiration designs for this same purpose (maybe they don´t get a line in the face like Alleria but a dot or dots plus lines combinations, or flowers, geometrical figures, sun, etc on their foreheads, arms and feet). This article explaining this kind of tattoos seems gives a good basis of support:


I´d still like at least ONE option using bold warpaint though… the effect with the pupiless bright eyes is just too good to pass on.


Patterns on his chest (triskelion) are also being used in the raid with Alleria’s sister :wink:

They’d have to be very careful about this tbh, considering each race themselves are sorta based off of cultural tropes (Taurens being Native American like, Goblins apparently NY/NJ/Jewish like, Draenei themselves coming off with Indian vibes already, Trolls Jamacian-like, etc).

Blood Elves for instance sort of got slapped with the ‘preppy white girl/boy’ shtick for a lot of their /silly /jokes and even their portrayal through NPCs (the selfie cam couple in Dazar’alor comes to mind).

Not saying they couldn’t get this customization, but it would be kinda weird seeing it on them given their aforementioned portrayals by Blizzard so far. At worst it could be seen as a sort of cultural appropriation (again just given the portrayal that BEs have been in-game)


Seems like a case closed, both groups of fans can ask for the stuff and now we can point the artistic difference that would effectively and efficiently separate the designs, ergo preventing ridiculous limitations in colors.

Frankly, I like it. Only ignoramus who deliberately limit their knowledge of the Belf race believe they are “Valley Girl / Boys” Barbie and/or Ken types with zero substance, the lore on the other hand paint a VERY different image (after all, the superficial image is content exploted in the /silly of the race, but then again why is the Belf race getting judged and condemned taking only this content in mind while the rest of the races aren´t? I don´t see people calling the Orcs idiots even if the /silly on them implies they are lacking on the intelligence department).

Now to find an artist willing to make some commissions using this parameters so we can post art explaining how the Belf tattoos could go and how they can look different from the celtic / Alleria ones.


You can also show the established Blood Elf tattoos from the TBC box/Rommath and say “Do this!” since it is literally Blizzard saying they already have those lorewise.

It worked for Night Elves getting leaves and jewelry to match the WC3 box art.


This would be most ideal imo.

My man, we´ve been using this strat you mention since december.

Didn´t work out… we need a more in-your-face approach.


Well, they weren’t in PR mode at the time.


Well… in this thread we have mentioned we want the TBC scarification marks like a dozen times already?

We need art for the Rommath tattoos -and for the forehead marks and/or jewerly.


I think you would make many players happy with an updated character creator as seen as on those pictures in this posting for the next expansion: