Why the lack of Customization?

Great news Linxy! Looking forward to seeing what they look like.

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I’d give the void elves the belf jewelry if blood elves could get some braided hair styles, tattoos, dark ranger stuff, scars, beards, the stuff that was actually asked for.


Super happy you’re all listening! Keep up the great work!

Body sizes customization.

Not that it is hard to do. Kids make videos about doing it in UE4.


It sounds great! I know a lot of people will be happy with this.

Please however also improve the void and light customizations for void elves and lightforged. None of their new stuff play on their themes and I feel like that’s a major misstep for these races since sadly they have lacked ways to express their identity since their inception. The new things they are getting don’t really further their themes as much as they could.

I really hope velves don’t get belf jewelry.

Belves did get beards.


Tell me about it… gaudy jewerly that only came in two colors (ergo useless unless one makes the concious choice to use TWO tmogs max) is not what I´d hate to see shared.

If Helfers are so willing to take they “fabulous jewerly”, they can be my guest. I´d actually want the scars (depicted in both OFFICIAL art and OFFICIALLY comissioned fanart), the runic scarifications and the henna esque tattoos seen on Rommath, tyvm.

Give those 3 things in several colors (nor merely, red, green and yellow) and I´d be the happiest camper to ever camp.


There’s a mog I’d love for one of my belf rangers, and if they got the same amount of jewelry colors draenei got I could pull it off with jewelry. Just gold and silver with only one gem color either way really sucks.


Honestly, if they are going to add jewelry, and make it such a focused feature for Blood Elves, they should have added a LOT more color options. And allowed male characters to use them. At least.


I’m just saying, the jewelry wasn’t that good of an addition. I’d be far happier with options that were asked for. And belves didn’t get full beards.


Ohhhhhhhhh! That’s really exciting!!

Do you think there’s still opportunity for more skin and hair styles for Lightforge Draenei, especially male in regards to hair styles. I don’t want them to be a 1 for 1 copy of the core race because that’s pretty boring and redundant. Yet having at least around the same amount of options would be great!

There’s been some really good suggestions posted in this thread.

I can’t post images but this post by Hypheria has some really good examples.


The fact “Belf jewerly” was the prototype for actual decent examples on jewerly customization becomes more and more evident… heck, all things considered, the color limitations WILL suck for Nightborne too (they only have an extra shade of “silver” smh).


Seriously? I was expecting something bigger after reading the recent news, but all you got is glowy hands?

This, so much this, I was really not happy I couldn’t actually customize my metal or gem colors especially with the tiara hairstyle so I changed it back to the diva one.


It is still a wildly popular petition done by the Nightborne fans and believe me, as a Belf fan who got as customizations literally what I never asked for (jewerly), it warms my heart to see the devs take into account my opinion regarding the Nightborne.

Toggle for me please… i want to emulate Witcher Ciri, not princess Cirilla (not with a rogue at least, the tiara looks weird AF).


Honestly, this is a small victory for the Nightborne. Arcane hair and skin effects are iconic to the race and are highly requested.


worried about other races after nightborne getting the atention (earned) not too much worried about void elves in general but the rest…

there’s room for more.

Here’s some stuff I’ve talked before about lightforged:

Why no new runes, why no new tattoos? why no more colours to these?

So what do I propose? here

First the obvious. New Runes and new Tattoo designs. These should be honestly expected. We have 6 runes and 3 tattoo designs that’s way too little.
These are features not found in normal draenei, these are “lightforged”.

Adding to that, give us
Options for the tattoo’s “shining intensity”. From the dim texture they have now to be truly radiant with the light.

But More importantly,
Colour Options for tattoos and runes

Lightforged are forged by the light, but the light is NOT golden alone, specially not for Draenei.
Draenei use the light through their faith in the Naaru, and Naaru come in all sorts of colours.

Look at this:

How come we have so many multicolour Naaru but LF are stuck with gold? it’s boring.

Instead we should have options to change the colours of our tattoos and runes. The colours should be:

Pink gold
Light Gold

Besides that, I think it would be a good idea to have Options for different materials for Lightforged horns.

Lightforged horns could be Metal, Crystal and Naaru-like

Here’s a quick texture edit to illustrate the idea.


(Of course, this is just a quick edit here, but an artist actually working on it would make it look better).

Finally, please
Bring Back the female’s old number 7 face.

It was such a good face, but was just removed in BFA, why?


I think these options would elevate the fantasy of the race, because as it stands their new customization options, while good, don’t make a compelling case for being a “lightforged” thing.


Let me put it this way: both Nightborne and Lightforged Draenei deserve to get an option to make their tattoos more “bright”.

The development done for one race is absolutely appliable to the other cause both races use the same “design” and almost the same skin tones.


Love that y’all are listening to feedback, and appreciate all the new things! I’d like to bring up (once again) something that I’ve tried to get changed since beta/pre-patch, which is the tiara jewelry in the Blood Elf tiara hairstyle. It’s always gold, even when you change jewelry color to silver. I’d love to be able to use that hairstyle without it clashing with the rest of the jewelry, and many other races have hair jewelry that change color with the other jewelry options. (Sorry if someone already brought this up, there’s a lot to read through!)

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We need Big Beautiful Blood Elf Beards!

Beards by Naitsade

Beards by Mathptr1


I said this before in another thread, but they should have added a “Neck Transmog” slot for visible necklaces for everyone with The Heart of Azeroth as the first piece.

Ideally, Blood Elves should have-

  • Silver/Gold/Rose Gold/Copper/Brass/Iron/Wrought iron metal options.
  • Blue/Green/Amber/Red/Purple/White gem options.
  • Glowing Arcane Blue/Fel Green/Light Gold/Blood Red/Arcane Purple/Faded Rune Tattoos.

For all genders. All of it matching Blue/Green/Gold/Red/Purple/Blind Eye colors. Letting you match all your customizations to what ever theme you want.