[UPDATED NOV. 16] Shadowlands Preview: Cleanse the Scourge in the Shadowlands Pre-Launch Event

[UPDATED NOV. 16] Shadowlands Preview: Cleanse the Scourge in the Shadowlands Pre-Launch Event

Eradicate the Scourge rampaging across Azeroth to earn unique rewards in the time limited pre-launch event.

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My very first scourge invasion! :smiley:


I was so looking forward to this, but ya’ll “forgot” to put in the anti-mount zone, so here we are, over an hour into the event and people either can’t, or if you’re like me, you straight up don’t even want to progress through this event because people are stacked up on their mounts for the sole purpose of trolling. It’s toxic, and it could have been taken care of before launch but wasn’t. For “reasons”.






The entire zone of Eastern Plaguelands is lagged and unplayable. interacting with a vendor anywhere in the zone, no even close to Nathanos takes 15+ seconds to open the window alone.

Nathanos is also bugged, not giving rewards to people.

How many months this has been siting on PTR? Same lag issues, same bugs and here we are live.

Not to mention what was said above me about the mounts on top of NPCs.


I personally really wish they would make it so you auto-dismount every time you talk to an NPC or interact with something like a mailbox.

One of the things that is really annoying to me in this game is all the huge mounts covering NPC’s and items. I’m sure many people do it on purpose just to annoy others.

But this definitely needs to be a thing at least for events. Wishing it was like this regardless is wishful thinking I’m sure.


The Nathanos world quest rewards appear to be in flux for a lot of people. Giving loot for the wrong spec, and even changing the reward on offer as you travel between zones.


Rewards are a letdown the event less so, just make the scourgeslayer set of old available.


Yeah only it’s laggy as all hell and you can’t do anything barely. I took a day off work from this, I shoulda known better.

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Too laggy and rest is meh, also not interested in becoming a scourge. Wish the pre patches had a little more. This just feels lazy.

You mean, if you are on an packed RP server, you have a few mobs, and ten thousand people all trying to do the same quest, at the same time, with more lag than our government decisions.

wymrest and moonguard are nightmares blue. should have shard? yes…yes they should.

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Nathanos isn’t giving you the weapon for your selected spec


I would LOVE to help Blizz



You need to be level 50 to get the quest. This post is a lie. My level 49 shadow priest didn’t get the pop-up.

Nathano’s is giving everyone the wrong weapon, what a crap show. Come on Blizz get it together…

I hope you have a plan to fix this for people who got the wrong drop. This is disappointing AF.


this wouldnt fix the issue, if it only dismounts u upon interaction, trolls will still just sit on the npcs with a big mount.

they have already implemented no mount zones around NPCs during expansion launches and pre-patch events, im not sure why it was not done for this one, though i am sure itll be hotfixed in soon

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Amen, brother.

I was super keen for the invasion… unfortunately it seems the scourge are having a house party in the middle of nowhere and we have to go to them for it to be a problem.

I jumped on this morning and said hey I’ll do a little before I have to head out. 30 mins in and the dailies have dried up I have finished the content until tomorrow.

It’s the scourge… why are then not tearing at the doors to the major cities, bouncing from one zone to another to defend the land… instead I got to go the a place in old content and tell the scourge to turn the music down…


well you can try again next week

What I am assuming is it’s a random weapon already established in the system, per class, not a weapon of choice…I got a Mace for Assassination spec, and I am not mad, I just accept it and forget about it

Plus don’t worry about it, It will likely be replaced in couple weeks

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Lag is lag and understandable for prepatch but the no mount zones makes no sense, they did it for magni in silithus so why not those few npcs?