Upcoming Beast Mastery Hunter Tuning – March 29

We’ll be making the following changes to increase the performance of Beast Mastery Hunters in next week’s realm maintenance.



  • Beast Mastery
    • Beast Cleave now deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets (was 5).
    • All damage increased by 3%.

See the full list of the upcoming class tuning changes here.


Awesome! :grinning:

Delusional changes. Dead last in DPS and classes with more DPS get bigger buffs? Do you hate us?



. . . Blizzard, you’ll still be several days shy of April 1st. And I’m assuming this is a prank. Because if it’s not, it’s a sign that Blizzard not only doesn’t play BM, but also can’t read. Or maybe just have outright contempt for their players. Like, seriously.


All damage increased by 3%? That’s the change you’re doing? Other specs that are doing better than us are getting 5%. Feral is getting individual abilities buffed, but BM, the essentially last place place spec gets a mere 3% buff?

Excuse me?


Okay fine you buffed us. But it’s not enough at all.

On demand burst is just better than sustained.

Stop being so god-damned lazy with this tuning. The problem is primarily with the set bonus in both design and tuning.

Enough with blanket % buffs/nerfs. If you look to patch notes literally 10 years ago they fine-tune specs better and more precisely than just blanket-buffing with an aura. How is it that Blizzard consistently does worse with 10 years worth more experience and resources?

P.S. The Beast Cleave buff is a bandaid for a change that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.


What I don’t understand is whatever numbers Blizzard must be looking at to determine 3% is the “correct” tuning amount here. That number just seems low, especially with the practically zero % AoE gain the 4p bonus provides. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but it’s moments like this where I wish Blizzard would provide just a little more explanation.


Ditto. I mean I’m glad for any buff we can get, and I guess there is some potential for additional damage numbers against multitarget.

But it doesn’t seem like this is going to even the scales much, at least for BM.


listen blizz i despise BM with a passion but jesus christ
this isn’t even going to remotely help


This will be no where near enough to bring BM on par with the other classes AOE in Raid wont even touch the # M+ groups want.

Its a Band Aid but not even a good cloth one, Rather its one of the kiddie Smurf Band aids that fall of when you break a sweat.

The Least you could have done was gave our ST # a tweak as well Its Overall 9.2 Damage charts we occupy the bottom of Not just the AOE charts from 9.1.5.


Still need a buff to AOE to bring us up to abysmal, perhaps a 20 or 40% beast cleave buff on the 4pc in place of or in addition to the extension bonus

For single target to bring the set bonus in line with others the easiest thing is to tweak the 40% number up, to 70 or even 100%, those two buffs combined would put us in a solid position on single target and elevate us from a liability in aoe to competent(but not supreme)

Also hopefully there will be some attention paid to limited hunter defensive capabilities across the board, in the highest tiers of pvp and pve a hunter becomes a liability, no matter how much damage they can do they require significantly more healing to sustain - not to mention the adverse relationship between leech and pet damage not healing the hunter(which of course heavily affects BM)


I think that’s the problem. We get most of our tier boost from the 2pc, which is what most players have right now. Other specs get their big boost from the 4pc. So we’re in last place despite the fact we’ve already gotten our biggest boost. When 4pc becomes common, we’re going to fall off the charts completely.

At this point, I can only assume one of the following;

  1. They don’t care and their intention is to leave us at the bottom. I’ve seen arguments that this is intentional, because fixing bad pet AI is difficult and they want to drive BM players to other specs/classes. Seems unlikely, but who knows.
  2. They will increase the buff before Tuesday reset after looking at more data. Also unlikely, because the 2pc is keeping many BM Hunters near the top of the meters in their undergeared raid groups.
  3. They will increase the buff in a few weeks, when 4pc sets are common among players and the disparity becomes more obvious.
  4. They will actually change our tier set from the disaster that it is. LOL Just kidding! We know that won’t happen. Blizzard doesn’t admit their mistakes. They just “tune” the classes as they go.

I had a dream that they applied some balance changes and updates to the majority of BMs talents… I realized it was a dream during the dream with how unlikely that is to happen :slight_smile:

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I’ve stopped even really dreaming that. I just want them to please come out and say that they’re removing BM from the game instead of just this passive-aggressive stuff. Admit that you don’t like it and want us to all quit the game instead of pretending to be “tuning”. As it is, the only thing keeping me playing is friends. I take it as a given that they’re trying to reduce server strain by making more players want to quit.

Pretty much the same. I stuck with BM coming into 9.2 because I like the spec, but also I figured they couldn’t possibly leave BM at the bottom for the entire expansion. Was hoping it would be like BfA and we would get to shine at the end.

Part of that was the plethora of comments from “theorycrafters” insisting the BM tier set was stronger than it seemed and we would see within a few weeks. Despite what I know about the class and how weak the set bonuses appeared, I figured these were people dedicated to the number and I’d continue on.

Welp, obviously that was a mistake - a costly one. If I wanted to switch to MM, it would require a sizable investment of time and gold to switch to the MM Legendary. Not only did Blizz screw us on the tier set, they made it as difficult as possible to switch specs.


Destruction warlocks doing 20k+ overall in m+ and they get a 5% buff? Seriously?

But BM, pretty much the worst performing spec in m+ gets 3% and an increase to BC target cap?

First you trolling BM hunters with their “buff” to AoE with the changes to 4-set and now this? Sure I am grateful for a buff, but this hardly addresses the problems BM hunters have in m+.


Does this also include our pet damage?


I only want two things from Blizzard at this point. First, i would like to know how they came up with 3% buff for BM as being appropriate considering the amount of data currently available that shows the spec performing nearly 12 percent below the median spec and 20 percent off the top spec in single target (Heroic Halondrus, 1 week, 95%). Or if you prefer a multitarget analysis, look at Artificerthen where we are 15% off ther median and 21% off the top. If that isn’t enough, how about we look at Mythic Vigilance (Mythic 1 week, 95%) Here we are 23% below the median dps and 35% below the top. Second, and this is even more perplexing, is how they arrived at the 5% buff to elemental shaman, a spec currently sitting at 7th overall in raid statistics for Mythic SotFO and 14th in heroic content.