Upcoming Beast Mastery Hunter Tuning – March 29

I mean…

Beast Cleave dealing full damage to a few more targets, it will do very little for the fact that BM is ridiculously far behind many other classes in AoE. The blanket 3% boost to all damage, considering where BM is atm, isn’t gonna do much for us either.

In summary, please devs, please start reading what the feedback we’ve provided is actually focusing on. What the problems actually are.


Someone with higher ranking on the forums than me insert that sailor moon “my job here is done/but you didn’t do anything” meme.

Edit: just wanna add this note from blizz’s thread on the general discussion forums:

“Additionally, we’re not planning on nerfing any over-performing specializations with this week’s pass, as we want to gather more data and provide more advance notice.”

rip survival, enjoy it while you’ve got it



You literally need to add this to 4 set.

While a aspect is active kill command increases the damage of the next beast cleave by 50%


sv doing 100k dps aoe and BM gets 3 more targets lmao


I would actually guess WoW has less of an internal budget today than 10 years ago. It’s either that, or the same amount of budget 10 years ago does less work today because the codebase is now so bad that it takes 2x the time to do anything.

Came back to WoW after a year break only to find that my favorite spec has been nerfed into the ground, doused in gasoline and set on fire.

I don’t like how MM plays. Just does not flow right for me. The whole pet thing definitely throws me off… I guess melee whack-um bomb hunter is where I am going from here.


so can we get the cap removed. 5 or 8 still will be far behind

3% blanket buff is not enough.

higher an actual BM player into the dev team please.


You’re asking a lot man. Maybe we could start by getting someone who can read logs and do simple math? Because even if they don’t play BM, if they actually examined performance, they’d see the problem.

Or, at least, show us how they internally come to the conclusion that things are that closely balanced so we can understand either how we’re supposed to play the spec or that they just don’t know how WoW is played at all.


3% to bm while you are buffing feral druids like crazy?..come on man.

That tracks with my theory that they’re passive-aggressive trying to get us to quit BM so they can remove a spec from the game and reduce the number of things they have to fail at balancing.


you will know that for sure if they release tinkers another ranged class with a gun in 10.0.

mages.locks and boomies arnt going anywhere but if they release another dps ranged class with a gun it will be op for 2 years and replace hunters on the dps charts.

Feels like a delusional change that isn’t going to fix BM unfortunately =(

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Like I understand the reluctance to just continue to buff Beast Cleave I really do. If they buff Beast Cleaves outright damage another 10% it will be some of the easiest and sustainable strong AOE in the game.

BUT that is not what any one who plays BM really wants right? More often then not I hear people talking about talent revamps, baseline spell ideas, changes to core abilities and how they interact.
The fact is BM and so many other specs need to change. Yes it is a lot of work and yes I understand that the current borrowed power systems make it much more difficult to do said changes once we are knee deep in said power. This doesn’t change the reality that these spec need attention that is being allocated to the aforementioned systems.
Borrowed power need to be cut down to about a quarter of its current size (just tier sets) and class design and gear need to be the core focus of character progression.

Seeing so many specs struggle in a variety of situation without being supported by borrowed power is very painful to see. I hope in the future the team start thinking more about the overall experience they are creating rather then just how it will turn out in the end.




This is laughable.
All other classes that needed buffs got a higher % in buffs. How can a BM hunter come close to even competing with other classes/specs with a 3% buff?
I just don’t understand the thought process here. With all the negative feedback on the damage of BM and this insulting 3% bandaid, what do they really expect to happen?

I wont be playing if this continues to happen, BM is really the only spec I enjoy to play as hunter and I shouldn’t have to drop what I enjoy to do because the devs are too lazy/blind to do anything about this.

Numbers don’t lie! Take your head out of the sand blizzard and start listening to feedback, if you forgot we PAY to play this game and our opinions should matter most


lol. Okay.

Here’s all Mythic bosses from the previous day at 95%. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/29/#dataset=95&sample=1

Beast Mastery is literally at the bottom with a score of 71.60.

Both Elemental Shaman and Destro lock are getting flat 5% damage increases with scores of 81.95 and 78.04.

How was it decided that two specs that are already outperforming BM by 10% or more get larger buffs?

What is happening here?


Holding out hope that the 3% is still a mistake and the intended amount was actually 30%.


mmmmmmhhhhmmmmmmmm those words make me all warm. die melee survival… die.