BM stop asking for AOE buff because the way it is right now means BM is getting real strong in ST

Guys, the way it is right now is that with BM way down in the meters on raids and m+ , buffs are continually coming in week after week. 4% + 4% + 4%

With blizzard having no clue that the reason why we are dead last is AOE so they keep giving us aura buffs which is slowly making us a ST power house.

Soon we will be like Shadow Priest on wheels and hunters on a whole become a freaking AOE and ST S-tier meta class.

Unless you telling me you cant switch to MM and can only play Bm then RIP


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It’s still nowhere where it should be on ST to make up for the AoE sadly. Barely average doesn’t make it a strength.

But yes, I’d much rather it be a competitive ST option when we already have 2 very strong AoE options.


My only issue is that they buff peanuts each time.

Based on my calculations, BM needs a 20% aura buff

SV is the S tier aoe

MM is meh

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Yeah but the forums would melt down if they just came out with the 20%.

In M+ yes . You cant switch Ranged to Melee , Melee to Ranged for Raid at your own liking though. BM to MM not a problem.

If BM reached close to A-tier all other classes would whine that it not fare since BM can do all their abilities on the move.

Players think mobility should come at a cost, but they know it would mean that they would be benched.

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If we could switch spec / conduits easily while on raid, it would help a lot. As it is we just have to gate / get summoned back to swap, which a lot of people do anyway, so why no simplify it so we could blast our AE as MM/SV then swap to BM for ST. And ffs, when we switch specs, why don’t the conduits change as well, since some of us use the same soulbind for multiple specs. It just makes it a pain.

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Remove pet specs and make them into Stances that are switchable outside of combat for 60sec and open up to more stances if it works out well thats how id like for them to change pet specs it pretty much is legion pet respec-ing but better.

The thing is it does come at a cost: the flattest damage profile there is (granted Wild Spirit skews that a bit).

I don’t think we will ever be in a balanceable state as long as wild spirits exists. This latest buff did nothing for our aoe damage since it didnt buff our pets at all. They failed to buff the one area where we struggled the most. BM single target isn’t amazing but it also isnt the worst in the game, a lot of the bosses in this tier have hectic add cleave which pads other spec damage but if you look at BOSS damage we still end up middle of the pack-ish. I would love it if blizzard could focus on the actual problem instead of just throwing these weird blanket buffs at us every other week but I think this is the case for the remainder of shadowlands.

And to anyone who wants to say ‘hurr durr bm too easy to be viable’… tell me what is difficult about the current state of marksman with their 4pc+vigil or survival bomb fishing? The entire class needs an overhaul for dragonflight.

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That’s false. The only thing unaffected by the aura buff is auto shot. Even regular pet melees were buffed.

wouldn’t it have said ‘all damage is increased by 4%’ rather than specifying all ABILITIES buffed by 4%? I’ve spent time in the discord as well, it was an ability buff, pet melees were unaffected.

the last 3% buff we got before this was all damage across the board, it was worded differently than this one. Upcoming Beast Mastery Hunter Tuning – March 29

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Their wording has always been confusing. But the spell data doesn’t lie.

Here’s 2 sims I ran before/after the nerf. Raidbots (Simulationcraft) uses values that are extracted directly from the game.

You can see that everything has increased, except Auto Shot. Funnily, it seems that even Shadowgrasp Totem was affected. Guess the bug where all guardians are affected negatively by Animal Companion can also work in our favor sometimes…

aoe should never be the focus of bm aoe should be decent and focus should be single on target.

bms issue isnt aoe its single target.

You have a Dev job at Blizzard waiting for you.

no thx im not woke.