3% Buff Tested

Did a simple test. Last night, before reset, I took screenshots of every row in my Details meter to see if this 3% buff included pets.

Does it affect pets? Yes. They finally did that right this time.

Is it still messed up? Yes. They forgot to include Auto Shot. All of my abilities are doing 3% more damage EXCEPT Auto Shot, which is doing the exact same damage as the day before.

Minor maybe, as Auto Shot is typically 6-9% of my overall damage, but still an oversight.


Buffs are not live yet. I ran raidbots last night and just a minute ago. DPS number are the exact same.

Raidbots is a separate company. They have to update the sims before they will show the results. They won’t do that until they have time to test the buffs themselves in the live game.


Assuming your data is correct, the buff now puts us at 16% behind the leader (up from 18.5% behind).

I didn’t do the new math for all the other classes that got buffed, but after a cursory review I’d bet we are now 3rd from the bottom of the chart.

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While I agree that the buff is underwhelming and was expecting a bit more, nobody should be comparing themselves to the likes of Demo/Enhance. Those are prime candidates for nerfs.

This thread isn’t about any of that. It’s about this:

All damage is pretty clear. ALL damage. They neglected to include Auto Shot in that. I’m drawing attention to that oversight, because we’re so far behind that every little bit matters.


I’m impressed they got the pets included.


Is auto shot based on the damage of the weapon itself and would be excluded from any kind of damage modifier, aside from secondary stats or enchants? It would make sense to me why it would not be buffed if that were the case, but I’m curious to know if there is more complexity to the mathematics behind auto shot that I’m not familiar with.

I’m sure there are modifiers to determine how much Auto Shot damage comes from a weapon. It seems they forgot to adjust that one modifier.

If they never intended to adjust that modifier, then they should have worded the buff as “Damage of all abilities increased by 3%”, rather than “All damage increased by 3%”.


Raidbots is updated now.

Got my 3rd pc today. Its a DPS loss without 4 so in the bags it goes.

Such terrible tier itemization…


As far as I’m aware, that has never been affected by aura buffs.

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I’m running 2PC with double leggo at 268 ilvl, ST is okay, AOE in keys is still epic terrible.

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