Unofficial Sethrak Discussion Thread 🐍

Is that you Jackofdemons?


yep, hey wolf baby!

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Eh at the end of the day they can write whatever they want, lets not pretend that they don’t change the lore at will to suit their story beats.

You’ve already got your AR, maybe you’d have more fun in some other mega thread~


Aha! I recognized your manner of text language. :smiley:

Hey! Enjoying the Vulpera?

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Of course I am, and its interesting you remembered my manner of speech.

Its like we’re old friends or something.

Again, I dont care if yall push for sethrak, I just like truth.

And people lost in passion are often overreaching from what I’ve seen here many times.

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Unless Blizzard writes in some more lore and story based on the kernel they left with the Alliance side of things in Vol’dun. shrug

Have your opinion for sure my friend, but we don’t all have to agree.

What we all likely do agree is that right now, they are poised to go Horde.

That can change though.

Don’t confuse a want, for belief.

Some of us want them for the Alliance, and we see threads that could have led somewhere.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

All of that said.

Sethrak for the Alliance! (But playable is fine blizz seriously please!) :snake:


And for this reason we can still see Sethraks as a playable race, in the same way that we can see maghar in the horde.


Hopefully after this week I’ll be able to participate a little more in this thread again!

My exams are this Friday. :crossed_fingers:

Playable Sethrak, please! :pray: :snake:


Please add this race. Remove Vulpera and add Lizards.

I wish you all the luck on your exams!

New alpha build I think is coming out just or just went out. Maybe we’ll see something more about Sethrak or sethrak related things!

Sethrak for the Alliance! (but playable is fine blizz seriously please) :snake:

Let’s not remove options but add them instead.


Was just looking at Vorrik’s shrine to Sethraliss in his Sanctum and noticed that Sethraliss’ shrine there has a little pool of water and that she is depicted as a large snake rather than her avatar there.

More evidence of her life-giving sphere of influence and a nice look at snakes in general. in fact shes even coiled around the pool itself. As though she’s protecting life.


When will they be added?


In regards to Alliance vs. Horde, the hard truth is the Alliance needs an Allied Race win; every race except Dark Iron Dwarves they got is garbage. The fact that the Alliance helped the Sethrak is enough for me. I would vastly prefer the Sethrak go Alliance over the Horde.


As would I. Though I like all our AR’s. >.>

I just really like the Sethrak and play Alliance so I’m biased. Also I think they fit aesthetically better with the Alliance…

In either case…

Sethrak for the Alliance! (but playable is fine blizz seriously, please?) :snake:


I think more neutral races would be great. Battle for Azeroth evidently ended a great war and Blizzard isn’t even putting the effort to make neutral guilds. It’s obnoxious. I don’t care how much they dislike how pandas came out, more neutral races would be fine. Having faction restricted races is stupid to begin with in my personal opinion and neutral options would actually bring substance to the game.

The point of my rant being, I think Sethrak as neutral would be fine.


Whatever gets them playable I’m good with.

Sethrak for the Alliance! (but playable is fine blizz seriously please) :snake:


Sethrak for the Alliance.


They never said they disliked how panda’s came out.

Unless you mean how it tarnished faction identity.

One of the designers that no longer works for Blizzard most definitely did say they didn’t like how pandaren were neutral.

Faction identity is a joke.

I’m all for Sethrak on the Alliance. I’m just saying neutral works too.


Well since today is Friday, I figured the best way to celebrate finishing exams would be some snake facts. Since Sethrak seem to have features of cobras, I figure some cobra facts would be fun to share:

And a video about snakes spitting venom (potential Sethrak racial):