Unofficial Sethrak Discussion Thread 🐍

That’s fair enough~ I can be overly opinionated haha.

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I would kill for that.

Sethrak for the Alliance! :snake:
Saurok for the Horde! :crocodile:

I get that.


I still solemnly believe sethrak have no place on alliance but I also like Saurok, and if it came to a xpac offering those races I wouldnt contest it but only if they gave strong lore reasons and a storyline to boot to enforce the narrative.

But I still dont see it simply for the lore of the races and our interactions with them.


Fair of course.

They would undoubtedly want to add some lore and story to explain Sethrak veering into the Alliance, instead of the Horde. Still I think its relatively doable at this time.

Personally I feel like the Sethrak thematically fit better among the Alliance, and I also think had Blizzard not dropped the line they appeared to be prepping during our War Campaign that the Sethrak would already be prime for it.

Saurok just feel like a Horde race to me as well. As you say they’ll need some story to join up, but man would that be awesome or what?


Saurok would be cool, but there lore suggests they are so unstable they will take a chance to kill something even if they will die as well, even if they have no grand reason to kill such person, they simply can not stop themselves.

But a Cobra race that is accustomed to a desert would look natural in durotar and other horde lands.

But still, this is a race for horde content that overwhelmingly works with horde.

Ppl want the race purely on looks alone, and I dont see anything happening that isnt fan conjecture to get them to reject horde.

We’ve never had a sitiuation in wow where a faction is entirely helped by 1 faction just to join there enemy.

It just sounds ridiculous when you look at the facts and not bloating token statements.

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Thats not the case here neither, Alliance interact with and help the Sethrak too.

Would be more of a Nightborne situation.


Dark Irons were straight villains for the majority of the game too. It wouldn’t be hard to write up a tribe of Saurok that gain control over their more murdery impulses.

Technically their original home was a lush jungle before loa things happened. Most of the jungles in Azeroth are fairly un-claimed but Stranglethorn is pretty close to Stormwind :man_shrugging:t4: And Ferelas is pretty firmly Night Elf controlled too.

Alliance definitely helped Sethrak, and made specific comments about seeking closer alliances with them. Granted that was two years ago and has been completely unfollowed up, but it’s still a thread.


Not wanting to hijack the thread, but on the subject of Saurok, some have evolved to being able to work towards a greater goal, such as part of a pirate crew in BfA, to mingling with other races, such as flexing to other pirates and also being at an underwater bar in BfA. Not quite as unstable as we saw them in MoP, though still savage in personality.

If you’re interested in seeing more info and joining in on Saurok discussion, check us out at the Saurok megathread:

Now on the subject of Sethrak, while I do sorta lean more towards them on the Alliance, I’m honestly impartial to whatever faction they would join. I see arguments both for them on Horde and Alliance, and frankly would be fine if they join either or even became a neutral race.

From what I’ve seen, most player support seems to be for them to join the Alliance, but I’d be excited to see them playable regardless of what faction they would end up joining. :snake:


It is quite plausible that the Faithless could be warlocks, unlike the zanadalar, since they abandoned their belief in Sethraliss.
Loas hate Fel. But since they didn’t have a Loa for so long, the faithless could easily tap into that energy without offending “a goddess” they no longer recognized.


No, just no. You would be completely divorced from reality to even remotely relate this to the nightbourne sitiuation.

Its not even remotely similar.

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Have you played both sides? I just don’t know how you’d reach the conclusion that the Alliance has zero interaction with them if you played Ally side at all.

It’s 100% similar: Both factions helping out a neutral race.

I mean without Alliance Vorrik would have died before the Horde even interact with him, that would have been anticlimactic.

There was thread planted for the Alliance to work with the Sethrak more. Blizzard did not pursue it. If they did choose to pursue it now I could see them coming to a point where they can bring the Sethrak in.

Sethrak being Alliance would be my preferred but most of us here just want them playable. So either side is fine.

There are differences at present between the Nightborne and the Sethrak in terms of who helps who.

The Alliance does help them immensely but only once, and compared to what the Horde does its somewhat more minute. Still if they expand on that lore thread you mentioned this could turn.

Things like this make many races plausible for an AR honestly. Blizzard can ultimately write up a story to lead any race to either side.

Even then snakes do well in almost all biomes. They could just as easily post up in the Wetlands or Westfall, or hell Stormwind.

Its on topic you’re good my friend. :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t think anyone will balk. Besides you’ve always been good to us here.

Aye. Exactly. :snake:

There is nothing wrong with speculating. Besides there is a thread left open on the Alliance side. None of us are saying its going to be an easy thing. They just need to expand on that thread.

Weirder things have occurred.


If sethraks in the alliance are such an offensive idea for players in the horde, then make them a playable race in the horde. We’re all going to win anyway.

I have 1 tauren and 3 vulperas. 3 sethraks in the horde would be a very good thing.


I could see it being a possibility. But I think it would be banking on what population our proposed playable Sethrak come from. Faithless? That’s not a far leap. Devoted, nah. I can see Paladins coming from them. Some third group? Anything is possible. And with Dambala looking to have some potential to get more lore, who knows? Fel distaste or not.

I’ve seen this poll, and on my birthday no less. Can that be my birthday present Blizzard? Playable Sethrak?

Also, sorry I’ve been away for a few days! I’ve been cramming for my next certification for my job. All the studying and coursework. >.<


Welp. It looks like I lost TL3, likely from being too busy the last week and a half to participate on the forums.

So no snake of the day until I recover it I think. :disappointed:

Anyone see anything interesting?

Last thing I’ve seen was Dambala’s model data mined. Nothing new on on Sethrak or info to speculate about.

We still want them playable, Blizzard. Please!



That sucks! I wish it was more permanent when you got it, and didn’t require so much upkeep.

I haven’t seen anymore updates that might relate to Sethrak sadly. Still hopeful though.

Sethrak for the Alliance! (Playable is fine though blizz please.) :snake:


if sethrak aren’t added by the end of shadowlands the penguin gets it

:penguin: :gun:


Hey now its not the penguins fault Blizz is draggin their heels. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ohh no! :scream:

He’s gonna ice the penguin, Blizz!

Please give us the snakes! :pray:


Played both sides, it isnt as you said. Alliance was not significant to the sethrak or vice versa.

To claim otherwise is to embrace delusion and you need to hold your facts to a higher standard then to embrace such false claims.

Hopefuls love to talk about the quest where you save vorrik and he gives you a run down of whats going on in voldun, but no one and I mean no one ever brings up the horde quests with the witches that starts abruptly and ends just as abruptly as the vorrik quest for alliance.

These quests arent supposed to be some holy grails of interaction, they are demo quests to coax you to play the other side so you can see the whole story.

They arent supposed to be taken with the utmost importance, there isnt a soul talking about horde and drust.

I dont care if you like sethrak, but stop trying to convince people a pebbles is worth thrice as much as a diamond.

There is no grand alliance sethrak scenario, they ended with horde and owe everything to the horde that liberated their people and saved their god.

Stop trying so hard to say their interactions are equal.

This isnt a nightbourne sitiuation, it doesnt even remotely touch the surface of being the same thing.

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