UI Changes in Rise of Azshara

Have no developers responded to the question about muting/changing sounds with 8.2? Perhaps in IRC? If not, I think that’s more disappointing than it being broken in the first place.

Sound is an important part of a game. If we can adjust how the GUI looks and feels, we should be able to adjust how it sounds as well.


Is there any chance we could get an option in our UI settings for turning off the item broadcasts in you party? It’s very annoying to have to wait for all the items people looted to disappear on your screen before continuing. Also, it takes longer if you happen to mouse over it accidentally. It’s very minor, but would appreciate it.

I’m not a programmer, does this break some/all of MoveAnything’s functionality?

Can’t you just right click the popup to dismiss it?
Maybe I have an addon doing that for me.


Thanks for mentioning this btw, we are currently looking into it.


Not being able to mute sounds will probably stop me from playing my druid, using certain mounts, or afk’ing in crowded cities. By far one of the worst changes you could have made to this game.


wait was there an addon for auto-reporting people?? How was this allowed up until now if so?

In this content update, we’re going to put a restriction on a couple of functions. The C_ReportSystem.InitiateReportPlayer and C_ReportSystem.SendReportPlayer functions are no longer allowed to be called by addons. Addons can now open the normal ‘Player Reporting’ dialog by calling the new function C_ReportSystem.OpenReportPlayerDialog. The player will be required to interact with that dialog to actually send the report.

You made it harder to report people? Come the hell on, Blizz. You don’t even reliably police your game, and you made it harder to report people? I really, really dislike the way you’ve been going since I left the company in 2012. You don’t make people feel like they are being helped, and when a bad player is doing heinous stuff in game, I can’t even get a real person to talk to about it anymore. You simply don’t care about my experience.


I’m guessing you’ve never been the victim of an intention group kick by people abusing the report function. Glad to see blizzard is removing some of this functionality.


Any update on the sound replacement feature? All this clicky clicky noises are already making me mad.


The anchor changes appear to have broken MoveAnything, which is horrible for me since I don’t know enough to fix it myself.

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Completely agree. This was a ridiculous change and needs fixed. We’ve been able to do this for ages, why would you change it now??


:woman_facepalming: Of all the things they could possibly work on, breaking our functionality for some of these mods shouldn’t have been on their list.


What’s the status on the sound replacemnent? I can’t play my hunter without the original gun sounds… the new phhhhffttt phfffftt sound is just terrible.


I’ve officially lost all reason to play this game, if I have to hear that stupid moaning error sound or that stupid owlkin frenzy sound again.


I truly cannot handle having the fizzle sound back again; something needs to be done about this soon.


Notice how there was no reasons are given for the big change in how frames are being handled. Why change this around? Far as a player, it was working just fine beforehand. All I can think of is to make damn sure that players MUST play the way Blizz wants them to play… the upshot being that I have all sorts of UI graphic elements appear on top of (most partially) other elements (blizz default ya know). It looks hideous, unprofessional and makes playing the game much more difficult. Sure seems like their only intention was to put MoveAnything out of business…

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I know audio’s already been mentioned, but I’d just like to add my two cents.

Not being able to replace the current weak cheap shot/kidney shot woosh with the old cheap shot sound is absolutely awful.

Can almost use weakauras to replicate this functionality, but it won’t mute the original sound, it’ll play both…

Pulling this out without having some form of API call to replace its functionality is an incredibly bad afterthought. This absolutely microscopic change is nearly ruining my experience with the new content : -\

Please do try to be quick about re-implementing this functionality in some way. Thank you all in advance for all your hard work, despite this large oversight.


I can’t stop the fizzle sounds in game when using an ability while another has initiated the GCD. Can you please either revert this (i had a file to fix it) or add it in the in game sounds settings?