Two New WoW Classic Realms Opening In This Region

(Kaivax) #1

2019-08-31T01:00:00Z, we opened two new WoW Classic Realms in this region:

Realm Type Timezone
Anathema PvP Pacific
Netherwind PvP Eastern

We strongly encourage players who wish to avoid extended queues on crowded PvP realms to plan to move to one of these two new realms. We expect these new realms to have a population base that is easily sufficient to long support a healthy PvP realm community.

Thank you!

Wasn't the patch supposed to drastically change queue times?
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This is disappointing... Bliz - seriously?
(Nightshine) #2

This isn’t helping. I want to play on the same server as my friends, my guild, and the character I’ve already started leveling. Raise the server caps again; they are arbitrary numbers for god’s sake.

Hazzikostas: Our realm counts are as high as we feel we can push them for long-term social community reasons. We have the technical ability to raise them farther than we are.


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Anathema was the name of the old Nostalrius server when it relaunched under elysium poggers

(Lunavale) #5

At this point, I think free transfers is the only real option Blizz.


After putting in already 50 plus hours on my character starting over isn’t something many people desire including myself. Character transfers to low pop realms would definitely persuade a lot of people to change realms if that isn’t going to happen, then I guess its waiting in que.


It’s too late. You guys should have offered more servers from the start. Nobody wants to reroll away from their friends and guilds to avoid the queue. The original servers were solidified as the more “important” ones because guilds, streamers, and friends made their decisions based on that first list.


you NEED to allow server xfers before you open more realms please.


They are not arbitrary numbers. Believe it or not, Blizzard’s server are still governed by the laws of physics. There’s a point where you physically can’t fit anymore people. Crazy right? If you want to play with your friends, reroll on another server with them or endure the queue. You won’t be getting server transfers until the population stabilizes.


No they are not. You can’t have 50,000 players on a single realm. Classic was not designed that way. Do you want sharding infinitely? Because that’s how you get it… When they take off sharding, 50,000 players on one server will destroy it.


Tell me when I can move my character and I’ll go where ever you want me to.


You guys seriously, SERIOUSLY, bungled this launch. Releasing servers minutes before launch and expecting entire guilds communities to somehow organize and pick a new server is frankly astounding. I don’t feel like making new friends to play a game. I already have friends. They’re invested because they didn’t get f’d by your launch. so now because of my schedule, i can’t play with them. What do you guys propose? Start offering free xfers or people will just stop playing.


Benediction still doesn’t have queues so this seems premature


They don’t want to raise the server caps they want to spread people out more so that they can have a single layer before phase 2 goes live.


A lot of people will start playing this weekend for the first time. The new servers are perfect for them- stop complaining about everything.


Looks like they’ve been overwhelmed by demand again. :slight_smile:


Id gladly transfer my level 20 there as would many others on whitemane. Whats going on with transfers?

(Wevrs) #19

Time for transfers yet?


Just allow me to transfer to that server I’ll 100% do it blizz please.


We need server transfers to move our characters from Whitemane to the new realm. Can you clarify, are you asking us to reroll specifically?