Wasn't the patch supposed to drastically change queue times?

This is what I’m thinking too. I don’t want to end up on Ghost-town realm just to play more the first week

Thank god… You are reasonable person. I had almost lost hope in humanity. You are 100% spot on!

I came into WoW late 06, so my first launch was TBC. I wasn’t on a major server then (pretty sure it was Garithos) so I don’t remember MAJOR queues, but I do remember much bigger queues in later patches once i moved to Korgath and Mal’Ganis. Especially with Wrath and WoD.

Point is, the past expansions save those two have always been just filler. The hype wasn’t built up NEARLY as much, even though every new WoW was supposedly a killer of the previous one. Twitch had Classic WoW at 1.2 MILLION viewers on the first night. Most of those kids probably subbed just to show up in their favorite streamers’ videos, so that massively inflated the numbers on certain servers too. The hype with old-school vets, new school kids, and Streamer fanboys WILL die down. It’s just gonna take a natural amount of time to do so. The grind in Classic will absolutely cull what many people are calling the “tourists.”

Back in vanilla days, most people didn’t really have online friends. Now most people do.

So picking up and moving was much easier because you weren’t socially tied to a realm.

Classic forced people onto a handful of servers. This was poor server management, but one heck of a hype marketing.

Do you have a source about the 2 servers ?

Dude did you not read the top forum posts?

oh I know, my online friends got all split up. But the one that I first met 13 years ago came with me to my new server so I don’t feel as lonely :slight_smile:

No we had real friends that played, what’s the difference? Also we have entire guilds move from EQ so not sure what you are saying or how you think it’s valid like this was the first game ever online.

Indeed not. Thanks tho!

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Estimated Wait Time - 284 minutes

This is my queue on Herod @ 6:32 PM EST. Will this still happen @ 6:32 EST tomorrow? Most likely. Will it happen the same time next weekend? Possibly. Will it happen the following? Highly unlikely.

Be patient, guys. You can still play other games with WoW queued up in the background. If your friends are racing to 60 without you there, they probably care more about their own toons than the journey with you. The beauty of the Classic experience that everyone’s talking about? It gives you ample opportunity to make NEW ones.


Not the first game, but online gaming was still in its infancy.

Few had online friends at that point. Now most people over 10 have an online social clique.

The point being it was easier for individuals to move as the social aspect wasn’t so deep.

How can you say “few had online friends” when games like Everquest were thriving and had for years? Eve Online had over half a million players. I guess none of them register as being online friends? You are simply making up stuff.

It did. I logged in @3pm two day ago, 18,000 person queue, today @3pm 6,500 person queue.

Blizzard please allow Ream Transfers for characters to move off of full servers… Please


Obviously not Faerlina, it’s been 10.000+ every single time after 3pm and it’s continued to do so regardless of the patch.

But now where headed into the weekend so its going to be even higher then launch now…

All Blizzard did was increase the amount of people using techniques to never log out so they can play immediately after work. Then they ask people to change servers instead of kicking the people off that are not doing any type of leveling at all for 8 hours or more. I’m sure with a little ai training they could begin to actually fix the real problem that is happening. Then the queues will not be so bad and people that are gonna actually play can do so sooner.

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Yeah but no one playing there can ever complain. You’re playing on the server where almost every big streamer committed to going.

Most of my Vanilla guild could literally meet up at someones house for a BBQ. We were all RL friends.

There seems to be a well-known afk script lots of people use. I can get on Herod at 3 a.m. but a few hours after that, when people are heading to work that changes drastically. I think people log in people work and sit there all day afk which is why there are 5k queue mid-morning leading to 10k+ early evening.