Two New WoW Classic Realms Opening In This Region

6000 queue on Whitemane at a non peak time with a three hour wait still…the raised cap did nothing Blizz. I logged on yesterday and saw 50-100 people just sitting AFK in the Crossroads INN because they are afraid to log out, while others are trying to get in. Please fix the issue.


… and they already did, after that interview.


@Kaivax - could you please weigh in on the amount of players that are avoiding logout with scripting? There were many players that were set to autorun, or otherwise running into walls while constantly auto-casting to avoid being logged out.

These players are taking up spots and not playing to avoid queues. Blizz must be aware of this by now…would like to hear a plan to deal with this please.


They did that already. Again, if you want to play with your friends, move or wait in the queue. Allowing everyone to transfer will just create more problems at the moment.


Unless you guys know something that we don’t. I don’t think opening up more realms is a good idea, especially when you had quite a few last night that did not fill up.

I think Classic will be popular, but my main concern is it will eventually become like modern WoW today, everyone gravitates to a few select realms, with a great many that have sparse populations.


Faerlina for life, I have already set roots here and made friends/memories fix the queues please, also why cant my classic toons be my forum avatar! :slight_smile:


Another overlooked issue with the GiVeMeFrEeTrAnZfErS or increase sever caps is the ability of the game environment to deal with massively increased numbers.

Pservers had to do all sorts of things to mob respawns to adjust for the increased players. All increasing capacity will do is move queues from the login window to in game, you’ll all be waiting with 50 others for respawns in all areas.


tbh those of you stuck in que should just re roll on another server, at this point you could have been twice as far as what ever you did so far. If you are not leaving because friends or guild then id still say start on another server and they can come over when blizz offers transfers.


You will get server transfers, when the population stabilize. They don’t need to offer you incentive to move. You having to wait 8 hours in line should be all the incentives you need to go on another server. You’re not in a position of power here, you don’t get to make demands. Most people just rerolled several times to avoid the queues. Your refusal to move is entirely on you.


Oh yeah it will? Break it down for us then how that will create problems blizzard employee kazryth.

And before you talk about nonsense like community remember that a community on a full server is sharded and destroyed by que times and afk bots.


If you can’t stand the long queues, start again on a brand new server. They’re announcing before hand a full day to give people time to organize a migration WITH your buddies.

If you hate long queues, sqaud up together on a brand new server. If you don’t mind the queues, okay, fine? Stop complaining.

As long as they’re giving us more servers, and they already expanded the slots per server, I don’t know what your point is.


This is the hazzard of putting all your eggs in one basket. Blizzard warned way ahead of time of overcrowding. Your guild should have planned after launch really, because stuff happens like this at launch of games.


sounds like you’re arguing that it’s unfair for too many people to play on low pop servers because it’ll make farming more difficult?

People are acting like four days of playing Classic is going to make or break their entire experience long term.


This does nothing if you aren’t offering transfers. People want to play with their friends and stay with their guild.
As its stands many guilds are split with people who can’t log in, and people who are able to get in before queues stack up and have reached level 20+. Due to this split you have players who won’t restart, and players trying to get on. ALL HOPING THAT YOU COME UP WITH A SOLUTION THAT FIXES THE PROBLEM.
Not this half-baked stuff.


If half the guild is sitting in queues is it really a guild?


Half the guild is there because Blizzard dropped the ball.



I am going to reroll as a priest on Netherwind, but if it fills up with a 5 hr queue this weekend that would be my 3rd time and I am going to personally take someone out to the woodshed with my belt.


No, half the guild is there because you’re refusing to move.


We strongly encourage players…

You would encourage them a lot more with free realm transfers…