The Unofficial Saurok Playable Race Discussion Megathread! 🐊

Would be cool but if i were to chose a race using the worgen rigging i’d prefer getting the saberon

Saberon are a great choice, and I would love to see them playable. They would be close to the top of my most wanted playable races list.

I don’t see why we would only be able to get one between them and Saurok, though. Even if Saberon would end up on the Horde, they would be different enough to bring unique aesthetics, personalities, and storylines to the game. I don’t see why having the same rigging as a core race would exclude other races who’d use the same rigging from being playable.

If the playable versions of both would utilize Worgen rigging, it would make them easier to become playable races if anything. I’d personally would be fine with them using the same rigging for new races if it means those races would have a chance of becoming playable.

So I say that we get the best of both worlds and let them both get in! Allow Sethrak in as well while we’re at it since they also utilize Worgen rigging. One race using a rigging of a core race should not mean other races wouldn’t get in for potentially using the same rigging, in my opinion. :crocodile: :tiger: :snake:


Really nice and detailed write up. Would love to see posts like this pertaining other potential playable races.

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Fallynn, creator of the San’layn megathread, has made a post to link to all the active race request megathreads here:

There is also the Ethereal Megathread not currently listed there that is also active:

And as a bit of self promotion, I also run the Stonemaul Ogre megathread here:

As you can see, there are a lot of people passionate about current NPC races and wanting them to become playable. Lots of great ideas and discussions about the potential these races have! I recommend checking them out when you can!



I think we should get Saurok, Sethrak and Saberon.

Blizzard hasn’t actually said that the rigging will only be one per race. That was just kinda assumed.


A lot of that assumption was the odd trend of how each allied race had some sort of relation to a core race, whether it was through rigging (Goblins and Vulpera) or if it was a sub race of a core race (Orcs and Mag’har). It didn’t help that the Allied Race character creation screen at the time was built like the Core Race character creation screen. It seemed rather arbitrary and limiting that an allied race had to have some relation to one core race and that core race didn’t seem like it could have another allied race related to it.

The good news is that we got a new character creation screen:

As you can see, it did away with “slots” and there is now plenty of room for new races and even some classes. Likely, this image could be even bigger if I took the screen shot at a bigger resolution.

Hopefully, we’ll see it get filled with more races people have been wanting and asking for. I’m still hoping to see Saurok and Ogres on the Horde side of that character creation screen, myself. :meat_on_bone::crocodile: :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:

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Awhile ago, I linked a video that shows the book you need for Pathfinder 2nd Edition to make a Lizardfolk character. I thought I would link the current one (as of this post) you need if you want to make a Lizardfolk character in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition:

This book is pretty neat in that it has a section that gives you guides on how to create different monster-like races as player characters for the game (Orcs, Goblins, Lizardfolk, etc). It’s something I was thinking of picking up in the near future. While it would be used for Saurok idea inspiration as a secondary use, I’ve been interested at looking at different table top RPG books to gain some creative inspiration for characters and writings I want to do some day.

Getting idea inspiration from other media on different Lizardmen races is always useful, of course. Still hoping for the day I can roll up some Horde Saurok characters in WoW! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:

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I thought of the idea of a Meat Lover’s Pizza item in the game made by Saurok and figured I’d try to share the idea of one in-game with flavor text:

“Meat Fanatics’ Pizza- Leave it to Saurok chefs to come up with the ultimate food for meat lovers. The types of meat used on each slice seems endless!”

I figured the Meatzza food idea I shared before was fitting, with the crust being made out of meat, but it’s still a fun idea to add some character to Saurok in general.

Also if you do like pizza, I did come across a really tasty looking recipe for a Meat Lover’s Pizza, with the recipe located near the bottom:

Maybe I can start some negotiations with some Saurok tribes by offering them some of this! :pizza::lizard:



I’ve taken some more screenshots for a brief story of yet another Saurok newbie! I feel that showing off Saurok in different locales is very useful in being able to imagine them as player characters.

A small note about the screenshots: You might see the quality differ from image to image. I play WoW on both a desktop and a laptop. On the laptop, I usually keep the graphics and such down, since as WoW continues with expansions it tends to make it sound like a vacuum cleaner, which is why I lower graphics options and such to minimize that, but otherwise runs it pretty well. I meant to raise the graphic quality when I took screenshots, but I kinda forgot to as I have done with previous screenshots. I had to do two rounds of screenshot taking with the limited time I had to take these, and only thought to up the quality when I saw the first time that the Saurok had no pupils in his eyes. I’ll try to remember to up the quality when I take future screenshots.

Without further ado, let’s assume that Saurok are a playable Horde race and that this particular one decided to utilize Chromie time to level in the Undead starting area!

The Saurok newbie stands right outside the entrance to Undercity’s entrance to the main underground area. Ready for adventure! But first, he decides to get a better view!

Climbing up to the top of the gates, the Saurok newbie looks over at the ruins. What an interesting sight! He wonders what sort of tasty food lies within!

Standing in front of the old throne, the Saurok newbie feels a bit of a chill going through him. How spooky!

The Saurok newbie rides the elevator. It might take some getting use to how fast this elevator goes up and down. At least he has a strong stomach!

Checking out the bank, remembering that this is the place to store shinies and loot! He wonders why the area looks blurry around him…either it’s the lighting or something he ate.

The beds at the inn seem a bit odd. The Saurok newbie isn’t quite sure this would be a fitting place to nap…

The Saurok newbie checks out the green river. He isn’t quite sure he wants to swim in that…let alone eat anything from it.

What is this?! Meat just being left out to rot?! Who do the Forsaken think they are, the Skumblade Tribe?! What a waste! At least the Saurok newbie was able to pick up some recipes for fried spider legs and roach crunchies, but still…

YOU! What are you doing here?! The Saurok newbie is confused at first…until he realizes he was sent back in time thanks to Chromie. He glowers dubiously, knowing that this dead elf has caused many a headache before. It’s going to take awhile to get use to these time traveling shenanigans…

The Saurok newbie, fresh from a surprisingly delicious meal, is ready to quest and adventure!

And that is all I have for this post. Hope everyone enjoyed! Perhaps someday, we’ll be able to make our own Saurok characters and adventure for the Horde! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Was inspired to take a picture of a Saurok in Oribos:

Oddly enough, the model I used to take this image turned my Rogue into a towering Saurok that was almost twice the height of players for some reason (Saurokzilla, perhaps?). Sometimes, using Glyph of Disguise yields weird results like that, so I just took an angle to make it look more like an armored Saurok player in the area.

I should be getting the Rogue I am leveling to Maldraxxus soon, so I might be able to take a few screenshots on some of the locales there. I might do some of the other areas if I get inspired to as well. It will be neat to be able to visualize how Saurok would look in Shadowlands areas.

Anyway, the screenshot was done for fun like the other screenshots I’ve taken, but I still hope for the day to see Horde Saurok players going through areas like this someday! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Loving the screenshots! They look super cool, let’s get those reptilian folks playable. This is just showing how cool it would be to see them around.


Those pics look great! I see male Sourak models non female? :crocodile:

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To my knowledge, there are no female Saurok in-game. The closest we’ve seen of one is an artwork from a Hearthstone card:

I will say if I see female Saurok appear in game, it will be pretty big news! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


YES! Ehem… Yes please. +1upvote.
Maybe a venomous bite racial?
I’d totally roll one of these & name him reptaur!
ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ


I don’t recall if some Saurok are venomous or not, but I don’t see why this couldn’t be a racial idea. In fact, it gives me a fun idea for a racial:

Saurok with a different racial based on their heritage of what reptiles they or their ancestors once were. :lizard:

The Mogu likely used a lot of lizards to make the Saurok, so it would make some sense that Saurok could have different features as a result of it. Different creatures have different aspects that defined them, so it isn’t too much of a stretch.

For example, your Saurok could have descended from a venomous type of lizard, having a venomous bite as a result, and some could have descended from basilisks, complete with something like a brief stun (though the tail whip racial idea would fit that bill for all Saurok).

It could work similar to how the Zandalari choose a racial based on what loa they follow. Maybe something similar could be done with Saurok based on choosing their heritage.

I’m sure there are a lot of possibilities with this line of thinking! After all, there are likely several types of Saurok out in the world based on multiple species of lizards. :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Bite that causes a disease?


:smiley: Totallyyyy ! from komodo dragon bite being venomous, to green basilisk lizard water sprint, there is just so much good stuff to pick from! Great thread! I miss my lizard pet… He was a Green anole and a very good boy. I hope we can play Saurok soon! </3 :raised_hands: :partying_face:


I sometimes play on my laptop as well which has gotten a bit underpowered…I don’t know if I’ve yet tried it on shadowlands to see if it’ll run it, but since I mostly just use it here at home in other rooms and such, I actually got to where I was playing WoW on it where it wouldn’t make it run like a vacuum. I started streaming my desktop to it over my network. I’ve got an Nvidia GPU on my desktop, so I’m able to use a program called Moonlight which runs as the streaming client on the Laptop. It basically makes use of the Nvidia Shield stuff built into the Geforce experience software.
A few months back I picked up a Razer Kishi which was just a bundle of some Razer hammerheard earbuds and a game vice mobile controller.
Using the android version of Moonlight and that controller, and console port, I can even sit and play WoW on my phone.
It’s been fun to tinker with =]

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Not finished reading, and will add onto more ideas as I read your post man. ALSO, thank you for showing me this forum :>

ANYWAY, how can they become a race? Well… looks at the peaceful saurok we see in Kul’tiras and Zuldazar We know there are pirates, and we know that some seem to be able to coexist with other races, so in my eyes, I imagine finding a large pirate crew made mostly of saurok, maybe they reside on an island and when they’re running low on supplies, they get on their ships, or just swim to wherever they need to go and A) raid other ships for more supplies, B) go to a nearby land mass to trade, and could possibly steal from them while trading C) just go fishin :stuck_out_tongue: Either way, depending on how the story is written, it could be a possibility that a MOSTLY peaceful group of saurok exist within the world. Maybe those friendly saurok NPC’s we see in BFA, are part of them! Also as for the anger management… looks over at the worgen So do they. :eyes: But seriously, who says we can’t take advantage of a plundering pirate warband? Plus if we go that route, I wouldn’t be surprised if they went for Horde… Because I doubt the Alliance would be too keen on taking in a group of criminals, unless they’re like, willing to NOT steal from Horde. Then again that could be said for alliance too Hmm… As for beliefs, if a group of saurok lived on an island, in the middle of the ocean all by themselves, their main resources even coming from the ocean, then I imagine they’d worship some kind of sea god, maybe influenced by the Kul’tiran even, if only slightly? Let’s say one of them went to Kul’tiras, learned about their culture, and took it back home… While they believe it, they would view it in another light (theres a word I’m looking for but I forget it :eyes:) As long as they still hold onto that savagery a little bit, I’m happy!

YES I agree, that’s why we need more savage races! Give us the saberon and saurok dangit! Don’t need all of em in one faction… Actually that gives me an idea. What if, a group of saberon or saurok turned away from their people, and went to war with their own race? The Alliance and/or Horde get’s involved and we see that one side, is VERY much aggressive, and would like nothing more than to kill us, then approaching the other side, they show themselves friendly and are more than happy to accept our help against their current enemies. Maybe, they’ll even ask for our help.

Truth be told, if Saurok were to join the alliance, they wouldn’t be alone on that area. Worgen are feared, soldiered often growing nervous or tense just by standing next to one, despite once being human they are still viewed as monsters by many. Just wish we’d see that more in game… So if they WERE to be recruited by the alliance, I think the worgen would have to take them under their wings, or claws in this case, or maybe even the night elves. The same goes for Saberon. But overall, yeah I do think they’d be all around treated better if they had joined the Horde.

Again, something the worgen went through, the worgen were created during the War of the Satyr, by adjoining the Fang of Goldrinn with the Staff of Elune, creating the Scythe of Elune, and with it’s creation, the birth of the worgen came forth. I’m not too aware of timing with everything in lore, and I’m not trying to be rude, but if the Saurok were created before the sundering, (if I’m not mistaken that’s when the mists were put around pandaria, 10,000 years ago. Please correct me if I’m wrong) so if that’s the case, the worgen are younger than them, and being enslaved by Arugal and put into a part of the emerald dream for a number of years, so imprisoned by people… The worgen, and saurok do have quite a few things in common. I’m not saying to say “Make them alliance!!” I’m saying, that if they WERE to join the alliance, the worgen would probably have to be the people to bring them in. Truth be told, despite this I’m kinda leaning more towards the horde for the Saurok. Because quite a bit of the worgen I’m talking about… Are the Druids of the Pack, which are overall a LOT more savage than the ones we see in the Alliance.

A saurok flirting with a human :eyes: oh if they can do that, they can DEFINITELY work with other races lol. No but seriously, as you said we see them interacting with other races peacefully, and that idea I had about the saurok on the island, what if the saurok in the Bilgerats… came from that very island? Also each point you make after this, only gives me more ideas but I don’t wanna make this post too long. :sob:

stares at the saurok fishing All I’m hearing is “Hmmm, fish… WAIT I SEE ONE!! CMERE!!! BITE THE HOOK!!” I love the look in his eyes as he fishes XD

As much as I’d love to see them become monk, I doubt Blizzard would do it. HOWEVER, even if they don’t it wouldn’t make the most sense because if they’ve lived in pandaria, and SEEN monks in action, then it wouldn’t be too hard to study and practice that very skill. However the peace of mind part might make that difficult. As for that turtle pet… That’s a mount, did he kill a pandaren and just, steal it’s mount like “Oh you’re mine now, here eat your old master.”

Honestly I’d love to see a combination between both those armors, have the banner to show the pride for their people, and mix it with the ring. Maybe add some skins and stuff to add a bit more of a primal feel… Or a couple mogue skulls.

I think the dash with water walking makes sense, but maybe make a passive that instead allows them to run on water as long as they have a speed boost? Also I imagine that along with the ability to breathe under water, or extended water breathing, that they’d be able to walk under water, since we do see it in the party area in Kultiras. imagines fighting a saurok under water in PvP … Terrifying O_O All of these abilities make sense, although the infravision is bit debatable. Could be cool for them to see all stealthed npcs at all times, but for the sake of PvP I imagine it’d have to be a cliackable, otherwise you’ll have alot of unhappy people. (I main RP and PvP, trying to get back into the latter for when I’m on. So for abilities I’ll be looking at them for how they’ll affect PvP) The tail, YES I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT, but I don’t think blizzard would… If anything it would be transmog. The tail whip stun, I honestly think that’d be pretty cool, could be like a taurens ability.

Mounts, ALRIGHT THIS IS INTERESTING, if we go the pandaria route, and use mushan… I WANNA SEE SOME BONES, particulary FROM the mogue! Or maybe some dismembered statue parts, as a way for the saurok to say “I killed them… I am strong.” like, a show of pride for their fighting ability!

Closing: I’m really happy to see the amount of work you put into this man, and I think that we may actually get the saurok for a race at some point. Just gotta remain hopeful!


Well, I wouldn’t say they were peaceful. They are pirates after all, though there are the two Saurok in that underwater bar in Tiragarde Sound that’re being peaceful:

Well, yes, Worgen are a bit ferocious, but the thing is that they are Gilneans: Humans with a nobility system and “civilized” personality. In a sense, they can retain that when they aren’t letting their Worgen senses take over, so they’re not completely beasts like Saurok or Saberon are in a way, where those two were born as they were and weren’t really under any curses that changed who they were. They’re more naturally beast-like and such compared to Worgen.

I do get what you were saying, of course. It’s just my own personal opinion. :smiley:

I’d love to hear your ideas. Feel free to post them! :smiley:

I’ve been planning to add a part to that section about bone armor, which I’ve discussed before. I figure they would be likely to utilize bones from their kills in tools, weapons, and armor as a way of not wasting anything and as a bit of a hunting status symbol as well.

I’ve been looking for some good examples online to share that show off types of bone armors as well.

I’m happy to see others enjoy the work I’ve put out. It really means a lot to me.

The stance I take for races I support is that doing what I do is not a guarantee to see them playable, but I honestly feel that doing something is important than silently wishing. Besides, Saurok are a race I personally feel would be a lot of hype (playable Lizardmen race in WoW finally would be big news!) and a lot of potential for storylines, quests, and the like.

Lizardmen races in general are something near and dear to my heart, so it’d be a dream come true to see playable Horde Saurok for me. I’ll keep marching to support them as best as I can! :meat_on_bone::crocodile: