The Store Mount is 100% speed even at 40

X to doubt moment.

What is this strawman lol, nobody cares that it’s from the store specifically

PS the data mined WoWhead item page shows that having the fast skill appends the text “this is a very fast mount”.

So it’s dynamic, go home.

This is really the problem with all social media today. All it takes is people talking to each other for it to be confirmed. Facts and evidence mean nothing.


0% chance? Which company are you actually talking about right now? There were conversations about how Blizzard would introduce these things to TBC before TBC was even announced as being in-dev.

For a long time the narrative has been “They will sneak cash shop stuff in to TBC after they’ve hooked us with Classic”

Oh look what they’re doing.

Not only is this an option; this is the only option.

The mount will move at 60% speed if you do not have epic riding and it will move at 100% if you have epic riding.


I might have missed it, but is mount/toy account wide ?

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But but the data mined info!!!


First blue response I’ve gotten! Thanks!


So at the end you still need to be level 60 to have it at 100%. It just “adapt” depending your training.

It’s not that bad. It still breaks the original concept of Classic but it’s not as bad as other pretended it to be.

What if someone like myself had gotten 60 few months ago and stopped playing after grinding about half for epic riding ? Is there some kind of new and lowered price

Yes when prepatch hits riding skills drops to like 600ish I think


We’re getting the lower lvl for journeyman riding too no?
Late BC it was changed to lvl 30 @35G iirc

No. Instead of spending 600+ on the mount you’ll be spending 600+ on riding skill. Minimal difference in cost at the end. Keep grinding!


Emotional classic andys becoming more and more irrationally unstable by the day, it’s like watching a circus at this point. Imagine if you just shut up and played TBC and enjoyed yourself instead of complaining about non-issues like giant man-babies every other day


There are no dynamic mounts in TBC you have to buy 60% mount to be able to ride at 60% and buy a 100% mount to ride at 100%

but now for real life cash you can skip buying mounts for both speeds because it has dynamic speed and is the only mount with dynamic speed in the game.

This is litteraly what a P2W feature is???


That’s my question too… Would be nice to get an answer! :face_with_monocle:

where else would it go? It works just like every mount in retail used to.

Excellent, as I assumed. I would just make a post on that…if you really want to get the people here to read it.

PRAISE BE we have a blue response! FINALLY we can put this to bed, thank you Kaivax!

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