How does the TBC Deluxe Eddition mount work in practice?

How is the warp stalker mount handled if I purchase the TBC Deluxe Edition? Do I only get a single copy of the mount; does it get mailed to all currently existing toons; or does every toon I make get a mount upon creation?

I suppose the same question could be asked for the other toys too.

(I’m asking for Classic, not Retail.)

I can’t find a single thing confirming the warpchaser is anything more than datamined information, though tbf I didn’t spend more than a couple minutes searching since I’m on my way to work.

If and when Blizzard confirms its existence, there will undoubtedly be an explanation as to how it works.


Customer support is not involved with the development of Classic or BC. They pretty much only know what marketing tells them, and every one else, about the mounts.

What your asking is within the realm of the BC developers and marketing and they are the only ones with access to the info and release it on their own timeline.

There actually were a couple of posts/articles about the mount (Reawakened Phase-Hunter mount) over the last few days.

First to discuss its inclusion as part of the Digital Deluxe Edition and then again to discuss how its mount speed would work in game.

But I have not seen Blizzard confirm yet how it will work in regards to being available to all your characters. That question has been asked a few times already in several posts, hopefully Blizzard will comment on it soon.

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The support page says every character in BC classic on your BN account will have a quest in-game to claim the mount!


wasnt sure where to put this but the question is will it be available june 1st to purchase as well or is it a limited time thing cause 1 boost doesnt work for blood elf or draenei so whats the point on purchasing it may 18th?

From what I’ve read, the Deluxe Edition and the Dark Portal Pass will both be available as of May 18th. I haven’t seen anything indicating that either are only going to be available for a limited time.


That’s the same information I have. The mount will be available for all your characters in TBCC as noted in the Support Article.

I believe it should be similar to how you acquire the mount, you’ll have a quest available to pick up the items.

They should be going in with the pre-patch, that is how it tends to work, but I don’t have anything official just yet.


thank you just wanted to make sure :smiley: cause i dont see the point in boosting a 58 when i have 2 60s its mostly the game time and goodies and my gametime runs out in june so figured june 1st would be a better date to get it i hear the armor is atrocious tho so how thatll be addressed and how quickly is beyond me just hope a boosted toon can go into outland without issues when and if i decide to use it

and as i understood it its for mostly new players wanting to jump into outlands with friends