Unarmored Epic Mounts in TBC

Well he’s kinda right the authenticity is sorta gone now with the really horrible arena changes, and store mounts and stuff like that. At this point who cares really, I mean if you want “authentic TBC” its gonna be tough to find, and IMO the private servers are gonna get there first because its sorta their shtick.


Authenticity is completely out the window. Why would you NOT buy the expensive version of TBC classic when you can use a 100% speed mount at level 40 on your alts?

No, he’s not right. Neither is your read on things. But we both know I won’t change your mind.

And your continued love statements on Pservers have REALLY diminished my opinion of you of late. (Not that that matters)

And we both know that shtick is a) against rules and b) nowhere near authentic with the added bonus of putting in the same crap you are all crying about here.

I know you don’t like private servers and never could talk you into playin one, but I was only making a point about blizzard is selling all sort of strange stuff that no one asked for, but when it comes to things people actually want they just dont seem to get the memo.

Just because we see things differently does not diminish my opinion of you tho.


I feel that there is no right or wrong at this point. When I made my original thread during the Wow Classic beta it had tons of people for and against it… I’d say at this point pretty much every argument against them has been demolished not by me or anyone playing the game… but by blizzard… I mean look at classic… look what it turned into… and then think back to that statement they gave in regard to not adding the mounts… “We don’t want people to feel forced to level up fast to get them before they are removed”

and what do we have now??? More people with thunderfury than without… GDKP runs being the only runs available… gold buying in a worse state than its ever been… economies on servers that are terrible because people literally have 50,000G +.

So… why… why can’t we have them?

We can stop spreading misinformation. A Blue actually confirmed that it’s not how any of this works:


Wow Classic was the equivalent of one of the worst private servers I’ve ever played on. Literally. I have played many private servers with a better experience and a better community than the Wow Classic community. Also, based on you bashing someone else for mentioning a private server, I automatically know nothing you say has value. You don’t deserve a response from anyone, as you are not the smartest poo in the bowl.


yeah lets add to the list of unauthentic things. the list is only a foot long right now, so why not make it 10 feet long? surely that wont slowly degrade the game or anything right?

well they already added to the unauthentic things by not including the mounts in the first few phases of classic… Unarmored mounts… originally launched with the game… not added to their recreation of Vanilla.

I will lose no sleep over your opinion of me.

Im surprised they never put them in classic in the first place as “content” people would have gone out of there way to rep up for them.

bump because there’s already 50 threads about the boost / char copy cost / arena changes

warp stalker isn’t really armored

the unarmored epic mounts that originally launched with vanilla, not the warp stalker mount… but them adding a new mount to the game is further justification that they should implement these old mounts that were denied previously.

no /10chars

Was gone upon classics release when they allowed servers 5x the normal size without stabilizing the economy by increasing the spawn rates of mats .

So if OPs argument for change is valid under the guise of “the authenticity is gone” Then every single argument for change is valid. In reality these posts are just a desperate cry to make the whole “slippery slope” crap have relevancy

doesn’t add mounts based on belief that it will force people to level up fast and will tarnish their “classic” experience

a year and a half passes

implements boosts that allow people to skip first 58 levels of game

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No, they make enough money off their CE.
Don’t worry tho, they’ll put them in the next round when they do classic + for the new low price of only $29.99!


honestly if thats what it takes **** it… 35$ for the White Horse

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Slap a 2,500G price tag on the epic unarmored mounts.


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