Deluxe ed BC

will it allow me to have a free 100% speed ground mount on all my toons or just 1?

It doesn’t come with speed. A blue post yesterday said speed will correlate with the riding speed you’ve purchased in-game.

It will not give you 100% mount skill, it won’t even give you 60% mount skill - you still have to go to the riding trainer and learn the riding skill. The mounts will run at the speed you have skill for, so if you’ve only trained 60% then that’s what it’ll run at, once you upgrade and train 100% it will run at that speed.

Click that link to see the blue.

As others have pointed it out and linked the article, I’ll just say: please inform yourself in the future instead of just blindly listening to YouTube personalities like Asmongold


Louder for the people in the back. You, me, and a few others are spending so much time trying to unravel the damage they’ve done.


The post was meant to troll.

However, the op did ask one question that we do not know the answer to yet. Or least I have not found it.

We do not know if the CE mount will be for all your toons or just one.

We can assume it will be mailed to all, but no solid word on that as of yet. Unless I missed it in the last day or two.

So basically you’ll be summoning a mount that can’t move.

If you haven’t learned riding you won’t be able to summon it. You might have it in your bag, but you can’t use it. Like on classic right now you can have another character buy a mount for you as the mounts are BoE, but if you are under lvl 40 and haven’t trained riding you can’t summon the mount - it can still sit in your bag. I did that for several of my toons, got a toon with rep + pvp discount buying them mounts.

From pre-patch onwards mounts and riding training changes. Mounts will be BoP + cheap and riding training will be at 2 tiers 60% and 100%. If I remember correctly the price for 100% riding will be 600 gold

I think it’s safe to say you will get it on all your characters, current and future

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This is definitely the question I’d love answered!

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Most likely, like with all the CE pets from back in the day.

From TBC C onward the mount is the ‘cheap’ part of the riding cost which make bying a “free” mount for real money slightly less horrible. I mean, if there had been a Classic Deluxe Edition with an included scaling mount it would have been a much bigger deal.

Hey, still not the worst toy wow has seen.

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