17 year old game costs more than a new game

I remember buying SC and BW remaster for like 15$. Then Warcraft 3 came out littered with bugs for 40$? Couldn’t buy it. Now it’s Diablo 2 remaster for full price? I bought actual D2 for less then that 10 years ago.

Was really looking forward to Baal runs but…
Not going to happen.

Nobody needs the boost. The Deluxe Edition is all toys, a boost, mount, and a month of game time. Once again, absolutely nothing that is needed. TBC Classic is just like Classic was…value added for your retail World of Warcraft subscription.
Now, if you want extra things, you can pay actual money for them. I do not need to copy a character to an inferior (imo) version of the game where I will never touch it again while also moving the character to a progression side. This is the “having your cake and eating it, too” school of thought. That also costs money as it is an unreasonable expectation because it creates more work on a side project.

So you work at blizzards financials department? Or is this google foo and speculation? Yeah, thought so.

Blizzard isn’t struggling, it’s adapting to stay ahead.

TBC has no additional cost, please stop pretending it does.

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You can package it any way you like if it makes you feel better. Bottom line is anything beyond the basic sub and sold on their store is considered an micro transaction to the company and is additional income to support their product.

Turns out I was right all along the purchase gives you free 100% mount. You can apologize whenever :slight_smile:

Uhm. No, you are incorrect.


Is this true? I keep reading posts that say it will cost $70 or whatever to get TBC but I thought as long as I redid my subscription I can play TBC?

It is NOT true, and this was a necro’ed post.

TBC is as free as your monthly sub.

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I just wanted to quote this for when you find out how completely wrong you are and you try to delete your post. :joy::joy::joy:


I’m sorry you’re a salty whiner who can’t admit when they’re wrong and I’m sorry that I’ll be quoting this just so you can’t delete it after being proven wrong :slight_smile:


Game is free… If you want extra zero-effect-on-the-game-cosmetics, then yeah, pay up.

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hmmm, does that fancy edition really come with a mount? How much gold do they actually cost inside TBC? I don’t have $70 but I wish I did so I could get that mount. I’ll just be running slow.

How is it a day before pre-patch and people still misinformed

The mount just scales to your riding skill

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Yeah, the mount is part of the deluxe edition

To explain how it works:

Once you own the mount, you will receive it in game probably in the mail, as that’s how they used to give out stuff like this, on all of your characters, including new ones made after purchase (I assume, I haven’t heard confirmation but they’ve never given mounts for only one character as far as I’m aware, especially not for deluxe editions). The mount scales to your riding level, though I assume it cannot fly as I don’t see how a warpstalker would fly, but I have not seen confirmation on that either

The key is you only have the mount, not the training. You will still have to purchase that yourself, which in TBC is the bulk of the cost for riding, your 60% and 100% mounts together only come out to about 100g total before rep bonuses, so people crying about how the mount is pay to win I guess regularly just throw their gold away or something because 100g in TBC is barely more than pocket change…

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You’re literally paying real money so you don’t have to spend gold on a 100% mount.

I havent logged in since my last post and your still here posting, bumping my thread, instead of leveling your level 30 to 60, and drooling over your boost and mount- meanwhile every good player who actually spends time in the game is quitting because of the over flow of characters and boosts.

Thanks for being you buddy. I’m sure everything you touch is ‘gold’… or at least you buy it and call it gold

Are you being forced to buy anything? No.
Stop whining.

Lol says a person with 1701 post… I’m not talking to you, whom have been playing everything blizz makes, and its besides the point - the game is ruined. People are able to buy not only a level 58, they are able to buy mounts to go with it. Its pay to win at its finest and it ruins the entire experience of the game. Have fun tho

A) I have played SC I, WC II. That’s it.
B) OMG! They get a mount. Now they are so OP no one can beat them in game.
C) Forum reports on 58 boost gear can be summed up as CRAP.

People skip content to play in the Outlands therefore the game is ruined? Ok.

Guess you haven’t seen cross realm grouping and the many soon to come additions. And yes- literally the game is about leveling and gearing up. Cosmetics part of that, mounts are part of that. And the servers will be flooded with more boosters and more gold sellers as they can just buy level 58s and farm it- thus inflating gold and thus making the game pointless … (And clearly you play more hence your post count… shadowlands perhaps?)