The Scourge Invasion Started 72 Hours After the Zombie Plague

This was a surprise to us, but all in all, a welcome one.

We previously believed that the Scourge Invasion would start 168 hours after the Zombie Plague. That’s why we used the dates we used in our posts about these events. Nonetheless, a trigger for this next set of conditions fired off at 72 hours, which was earlier today for all realms in this region.

With one exception-- Eranikus. Because Eranikus was just opened new a couple of days ago, and we wanted players to move to the realm and get started without too much interference, we’ve kept the Zombie Plague off there for the time being. We’re planning to skip the Zombie Plague altogether and initialize the Scourge Invasion on Eranikus soon, perhaps as soon as this evening.

Overall, we like getting the Scourge Invasion started as soon as possible, since all of its challenges and unique encounters will go away when Northrend opens at 3:00 p.m. PDT (6:00 p.m. EDT) on September 26. (That’s 8:00 a.m. AEST on September 27 in Sydney, by the way.)

Say hi to Prince Tenris Mirkblood for me.


Can we get the vendor in EPL spawned, horde doesn’t have an easy to reach vendor.


can you bring the argent quartermaster into the game now please? He isn’t showing up in any horde major city and EPL as well.


Lots of zombies wrecking havoc in battlegrounds which I think is funny. Is there any plans to prevent the debuff in bgs or is it here to stay? Taking it into bg’s isn’t actionable is it?

Also Horde rune trader is missing.

Can we please get a working Argent Outfitter for Horde in Org or the quartermaster in EPL as Horde are unable to obtain the tabard.


adding to this: is that bannable, mr kaivax?
Added a bug report for this too

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How often are these things supposed to be spawning in? I was lucky enough to be able to farm one heavily earlier but now I think they are all “on cooldown” or something. The zones still say “Under Attack” but none of the zones have invasions that I have checked. Went all around Azshara and Winterspring so far. I was farming Azshara earlier.

Also, is the vendor bugged for Horde? I am still Neutral on my DK, so I thought maybe you need Friendly, but now I dunno


I am so shocked that you, Blizzard, don’t check your own things before you write a blue post or ads? You just make assumption about yourself?


Thank you Kaivax you’re awesome as always!

Could we get the vendors to spawn in the EPL? Some of us already have a large amount of Runes we wish to spend!

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Horde currently just doesn’t have access to it. Its … baffling as its been reported sooooo many times on the PTR and now on live.

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no rep is needed to my understanding. Theres not the right quartermaster in EPL, and even when you complete the Under the Shadows quest the Argent Outfitter in Org is not selling the stuff shes supposed to atm.

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I guess we skipped phase 3 and into phase 4? Interesting… :popcorn:, so how long does the zombies last then? Is it to Tuesday?

Yep! I reported it multiple times on PTR, PTR forums, in game now and in the bug forum now as well but of course none of the PTR ones were ever responded to


That’s… I do not know why I am surprised. I really shouldn’t be at this point.

Oh, is AV fixed?


Thanks for the update - one thing I’d hope y’all might reconsider is bringing the zombie plague to Eranikus. It’s what I’ve been most looking forward to about the expansion/prepatch and I transferred there last night from Grobbulus, and was confused why nothing was there, but figured it was a bug.

If I missed some earlier communication, then shame on me, but there wasn’t any sort of warning that the event wouldn’t be happening on Eranikus and I was transferring to help y’all and myself out with the queues.

(On the bright side, if I can just manage to catch it in AV, the spreading should be crazy since there aren’t any healers lol)

TBCC honor being bugged got a response & fix in a couple of hours.

Where’s the AV bonus weekend fix?

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wow, devs dont know whats going on or when stuff is going to be triggered in their own game… kinda worries me


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