The creation of Enchanting Vellums is temporarily disabled

We’ve temporarily disabled the creation of Enchanting Vellums, while we diagnose and fix a bug.

We hope to develop and deploy the fix in the next 24 hours. Until then, Enchanters can enchant items directly or use existing Enchanting scrolls, they just won’t be able to make new scrolls.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


It’d be a lot cooler if you’d hotfix a way for enchanters to get enough skill to guarantee rank 3 enchants instead of having to depend on inspiration, or in this case, exploiting full inventory bugs to force r3 only procs.

Hey, and while you got people fixing profession bugs, maybe fix the “multiple public order charges getting used for a single public order” bug :+1:


One bad apple ruins everything for everyone else . how bout ban the turd who did it , make a hot fix and ban that person from doing crafting altogether . ugh .


Whole system needs to be fixed.

If fixed in this context is allowed to be a synonym for canned and forgotten.


What was the problem that required this needing to be disabled?

Edit: Ah I see the linked stuff. Nevermind

Notice how quickly they fix bugs that help people make more money but not other bugs?


Enchanting…the profession with like zero crafting orders.


its not just enchanting with no orders , since the creation of the system i have never seen an order for any craft , i do LW, enchanting/tailoring , engineering, etc, i have yet to be able to do a single public order . i usually make orders for myself just to do the weekly quest . maybe its just my crappy server .
some would rather pay a 10+ TIP than to put in an order . (smdh)

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No, it’s the same for me on my server (Winterhoof). I’ve yet to see a single public order after the first week or two. I do the same as you. I send my alts work orders (I have them all in one guild) to do the weekly quest.

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Yo we must on some New World levels of game management. Legit did a Friday maintenance and still put the game back up with broken professions.

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Damn, guess I ain’t getting the BfA enchanting daily again.

Yeah I don’t even have an alt I play to make personal orders. Leveling enchanting had been a challenge however especially with the extra mats and extreme lack of crystals coming from disenchanting purples.

I’m impressed that I’ve got rank 2 weapon enchants at all.

all of my toons are in a single guild , mine , and im the only one in my guild . there is one guy on my server ( Arathor) who spams hourly for master of all trades , demands x price plus a 10+ TIP . like wtf ? how is this crap allowed ? i can barely make 5k a week selling stuff . ugh , im so sick of the people on wow , it used to be fun and friendly , now ppl just demand gold for stupid things . i end up spending more to buy mats ( that i can not farm) than i get from selling items i make from them . its just disgusting . this is also an exploit , just one blizzard allows to happen .

How about we get rid of the entire new professions system. It’s terrible. It’s confusing. Old professions were more boring but they didn’t need to get this complicated.

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This fix is taking too long, what’s going on!?

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If you make an enchantment, and your inventory can’t hold a 2 star, it immediately becomes a 3 star if that could fit.

So people are filling up their inventory with trash, keeping 1 stack of 3 stars, and all their 2 stars they make are becoming 3 stars.

So the exploiters already have their fat stacks of 3 stars because this has been on reddit for days now. So now the fix is to keep you, the proletariat, from benefitting.

I bet they don’t stop those exploiters from selling all their 3 stars though…


Of course not. They’d have to take action against friends of the devs too. And there’s no convincing me against the idea that some texts were sent out beforehand to help people take advantage. Glad I had a stack of 20 Sophic Devotions chilling in my bags.