Enchanting in trade giving wrong rank

When enchanting using trade window and using insight, the enchant is only applying rank 2 instead of 3.

Currently unable to make any enchants with vellums. Happening to everyone in my guild. Also
Looks like vellums were disabled due to a bug. Changing this post to justt the second issue. The creation of Enchanting Vellums is temporarily disabled

Same here on Vek. Tried reloading, logging all the way out, and even getting rid of all my vellums and rebuying them.

Same issue here, when trying to enchant anything to vallum, it doesn’t appear on the “Select Item to Enchant” tab and trying to manually enchant vellum throws a “That item is not a valid target” error message

It doesn’t work right. It doesn’t work at all. Such sh!t.