Enchanting Vellum not a valid item for enchants

Original bug making enchanting vellum a non-viable option for enchants has returned.


Can confirm, noticed it in raid tonight.

please rework enchanting… again

So true. Tried Dragonflight, Shadowlands and Kul Tiran enchants with no success.

same, it seems game getting more bugs lately, very annoying

People, the devs have turned off Enchanting Vellums because of a bug and they are trying to fix it.

It’s bad design on their part not to notify enchanters in game or via the forums but places like wowhead have it up.

You mean other than the forum post I linked to?

I agree that it didn’t have enough attention brought to it - it should have been a notice on the launcher. But they did do exactly what you’ve asked for already, and that’s exactly how places like WoWHead and MMOChampion have details on it.

the reason there are bugs is because Blizzard likes fracking with the game without alot of testing and reading/replying to the bug posts when the bugs crop up like the unreachable ore ,plants 'bags etc like in this post

Floating ores - Support / Bug Report - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

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I hope there will be a wave of bans for this exploit abuse. They ruined the market within weeks of launch.