The creation of Enchanting Vellums is temporarily disabled

I have been struggling selling my enchants over the last three weeks, wondering how some players were able to poste hundreds of expensive enchants at a fraction of the cost. I kept a varied inventory to be able to profit whenever some of them were selling at profit.

Glad they are now fixing it. I did profit today because of the sudden shortfall of enchants. I never knew about the exploit until now

Maybe in another 24 hours… :neutral_face:

Meanwhile you have people manipulating the AH prices for these by buying out all of the rank 1 Sophic Devotions to try and force people to buy inflated rank 2.

I have been letting my sophic q3 go for 10000g, with relief, just to see them a little later being sold at 29000!

Well, I still came ahead.

This is still broken? Has there been any update on when we can use enchanting vellum again?

I completely disagree. I’m obsessed with the new professions system. I think it’s one of the greatest changes they’ve made in all of WoW.

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Now that they are aware of this bug and fixing it, I hope I can keep relying on my cost again when crafting and selling.

Still not fixed, sitting on front of the lectern with enough to craft 300 sophic.

It’s fixed. The amount of gold I just made is ridiculous. Kudos, Blizz.

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You can get enough skill it just takes maximizing the +5 and +10 nodes, the +30 items help. It’s just VERY difficult so Insp is what people do instead.

I have 122/100 enchanting skill and I have 30 knowledge in Enchantment, 50 in Primal, and 10 in Sophic, 50 in Insight of the Blue, 20 Rods, Runes, and Ruses. That raises my max skill to 292 for Sophic Devotion. I could get 50 more from putting knowledge into Draconic Disenchantment, Primal Extraction, finishing Rods, Runes, and Ruses. You need 425 for rank 3 so I would still be short. Inspiration for me atm gives a bonus 149 skill. So unless I’m missing something, you can’t get the required 425.

Every point in the base rods/runes/ruses node gives you a skill point. You’re missing way more than 50 points. That base node maxed out is 65 skill on its own.

I’m at 342 for sophic devotion and I still have 25 skill points in the tree + the primal extraction buff + insight (so 342 + 30 + 25 + 25 from shatter = 422 which is well within the hidden skill range)

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So that’s another 20 points. My skill of 292 + the 70 from the rest still only comes out to 362.

Edit: So with

I got:
100 from Skill
22 from Gear
45 (30 for points 5+10 from nodes) from Enchantment
65 (50 for points 5+10 from nodes) from Primal
15 (10 for points 5 from nodes) from Sophic
30 from Illustrious Insight
15 (5+10 from nodes) from Insight of the Blue
25 (5+5+5+10 from nodes) from Draconic Disenchantment
10 (5+5 from nodes) from Primal Extraction
25 from Primal Shatter
65 (40 for points 5+5+5+10 from nodes) for Rods, Runes, and Ruses

Which comes to 395.

material manipulation is ALL enchants so there’s your missing 40.

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Oh, I have 40 in Material Manipulation on my character too. Adding it to the max skill would bump everything up to 435.

Dang. I could have gotten that 10 knowledge ago. Wish it was easier to tell what everything does. I’ll need 95 more knowledge to be able to do that.

Edit: Yeah no, as Mybbank pointed out, Material Manipulation doesn’t count towards Sophic Devotions. I double checked this morning by adding up all of my knowledge spent and it comes out to 292. So yeah, even with using Illustrious Insight and Primal Shatter buff, it’s not possible to get enough skill for guaranteed rank 3 Weapon Devotion enchants.

thats not true, i test it and no add skill on devotion enchants

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Idk if it’s still in the game because I stopped playing my rogue but they’ve had a combo point bug since DF Pre Patch was in PTR.

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Kai…I’m looooosing milllllllllllions on this. Fix it NOW!

(Or when you can. I mean, I’m flexible. Let the lazy bastids come to me for their enchants.)

You should’ve known better with blizz.

You’re right, I just went through and added up all the points (without Material Manipulation) I have and it’s 292 which matches my profession panel.

Yes we should not need inspiration procs to have rank 3 recipes : / if we fully max out a spec.

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