Steamlink and world of warcraft

I am wondering the age old question is it a bannable offense since it doesn’t use a cloud gaming server and for example my phone is just an impit device just like my mouse and keyboard. Only want to level up while I am at work sorry if this is in the wrong forum

Short answer is, if it is not installed ON your phone, don’t risk it.

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I would like to get an official answer but not hoping for much since they haven’t in past

Here is a Blue Post with some clarification that using software like this might run afoul of the EULA:

Basically, you aren’t going to get a “Yes” or “No” answer as there are too many variables to consider. The advice given in the past was simply to not do it.


Blizzard will never really endorse third party software or hardware that they have no control over.

They could make a post saying it was perfectly acceptable today and then a change is made tomorrow that makes it not acceptable.
20 years from now, people would still be referring to the post saying it was ok to use regardless of how many subsequent posts were made saying it was no longer sanctioned.


Just to clarify this - a Blue post is not guaranteed. Customer Support is not Customer Service. It is instead a forum for players to assist other players. Terise was kind enough to dredge up the closest response you’re likely to get. If this changed to become allowed? You can be sure they’d have made an official post about it.

The best kind of rule of thumb to follow though - if you have to ask “is this allowed/bannable”? Then you are better off not to take the risk that could put your account in jeopardy.


I’d ere on the side of caution and work at work and play WoW when you get home.

Don’t risk it. It’s not worth it.


I’m afraid the answers that Terise has quoted is as far as I can go, Altair. As I mentioned, I’m not part of legal, so I can’t discuss the ins and outs of our EULA beyond some basics.