Remote access software question

So recently i started using a remote software to play WoW and i didnt realize this was against ToS. I’ve played other online games remotely and have never had a problem so i didn’t think anything of it. My actual question here is if i discontinue using it now is there any way to avoid a potential ban down the road?

I can’t provide any guarantees, Supersweatt, but generally speaking we’d be looking for exploitative behavior. If you haven’t been otherwise exploiting in-game and no longer were playing remotely, I can’t imagine there would be much of an issue down the road.

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Thank you for the expedient reply! while i was playing remotely i realized my toon had (away) next to his name and i attempted to use a skill. the skill didnt proc and the (away) didnt go away so my main concerned is i will get banned for “botting”

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I doubt it, Falarian, lagging out isn’t exactly a red flag in most situations. :slight_smile:

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Thank you again Vrakthris for your help. is there any specific reason why the ToS doesn’t allow the use of remote software? I’ve recently gone back to work and used it for a few days to continue playing there. Now that i know it is against the ToS i will cease using it but i was just curious to the reasoning if you knew it

I can only really speculate. I would imagine using a Remote Desktop might make it more challenging for botting and exploitation investigations.

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That would make sense. Hopefully in the future there’s a reliable way you guys could change that. i would love to be able to play on the go if at all possible. Once again Vrakthris thank you very much for your help. Stay healthy and have a nice night.


Unless there was a recent change, the ToS does not ban remotely connecting. It bans cloud gaming. Remotely connecting to your own computer is allowed within the ToS. What you can’t do is connect through a third party computer, most notably using services like shadow tech or similar, to play.

Is it possible that remotely connecting to your own computer could get you flagged? Sure. It’s probably best called unsupported imo.

I can’t say for certain, Yindar. We’re not legal experts or really able to discuss the EULA to any great detail. While there isn’t anything specific that calls out Remote Desktop in there, it is entirely possible that “or any software or service designed to enable the unauthorized streaming or transmission of Game content from a third-party server to any device.” could cover that. You are right, it is unsupported, but I can’t say with absolute certainty if it would result in account action. My advice is generally, if it sounds a little sketchy, it is often best to avoid it.


Understandable. That clause specifically shouldn’t include remote desktop. It could be possible that it is difficult to determine whether the remote usage is passing through a third party or not, though, so I can get with your general advice of avoidance.