Remote Desktop ban?

I am using Google’s remote desktop from my phone for grad school. Sometimes I need to access files from my home computer on my phone and it would make no sense to drive home, email the file to myself, and then drive back to school. So I access my desktop and email the file to myself.

I digress, if I am using this software and WoW is open, will I be at risk of being banned? I’m nervous because I’ve heard remote desktops are bannable. ~ ~ I DO NOT USE IT ~ ~ on WoW, but I am afriad if I have it running in the background that blizzard cannot tell the difference.


Why would WoW be open if you’re not home?

Remote desktops are not a problem. Using them to access and play WoW would be the issue.

Blizzard isn’t watching everything you do on your computer, only how you’re interacting with their games.


Because the queues are 6+ hours and I leave myself in the queue while Im in class/at work.

In that case, leave wow turned off. Otherwise, the answer is that it’s possible that it could land you into some account trouble.

But nobody here can say for 100% sure whether or not you’d land in hot water.

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Here is a recent Blue response. There’s no hard and fast “yes” or “no”. But it’s not advised.


Thank you for this. I wish Blizzard would give hard “yes” or “no” answers with this though. “it might be a bad idea” is vague lol. It might be a good idea too, then.

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They don’t give a thorough response because of responses like these that try to skirt around a ruling.


Generally speaking, if we took the time to state that it might be a bad idea, it is rarely a good one. :slight_smile:


They can’t, because they don’t have control over that third-party program. A program could do one function, Blizzard gives a hard “yes”, then that program evolves into something else that violates Blizzard’s rules.

I understand this logic, but I wouldn’t necessarily agree. I’ve frequented this forum for many years, and “it might be a bad idea” is as close as they can get to a “no” without painting themselves into a corner.

“You should be fine” is on the other end of the spectrum: as close to “yes” as they can get.


No skirting, it’s a legit question. Not everyone is trying to beat the system, bud.

…but you’re asking for information which will help those who are.


You’re not going to get a confirmed answer. It is best not to try at this point.

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Even if it is ok now, 5 years from now, software that’s not under Blizzards direct control could change and break every section of the ToU and several federal laws.

If Blizzard said it is ok now, you can bet that 5 years from now people would still dig up that old statement as ?proof" that they were allowed to use it.

Blizzard is just not going to give a yes or no answer for third party products.


I would be surprised if any software company would do such a form of judgment. It opens the door to other issues in the future.

I think they are more worried of people staying in game and using remote desktop to stay logged in. This circumvents the AFK policy they have in place. I dont see a problem logging in and getting in que with it. Now if you get in before you get home and then use it to stay logged in, that may be an issue.

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it is not against the rules to use it to actually play the game, so i think in particular queueing using remote desktop would be just fine, but using it to “play” (circumvent afk) or to actually play should be ok as well, so long as you aren’t using automation. it isn’t against the rules to sit at your computer and stand in game doing nothing except for not being logged out, so long as it is actually you doing it.

the risk comes from the use of remote desktop potentially looking like cloud gaming. which i disagree somewhat, i think it is straightforward for warden/blizzard to tell the difference between remote desktop and cloud gaming, and it is unlikely that anyone would get in trouble for using it. but it is a possibility so you should keep that in mind.


I have tried to use RDP over the last few weeks, and ultimately, I have decided on abandoning it.
In my house, I have one good computer and two crappy ones.
When I am in the living room and the little ones I am watching are relaxed, I wanted to try to play a little WOW via RDP.
The protocol has major mouse sensitivity issues that forces you to use keyboard camera controls.
I then tried to do desktop streaming via Steam. Even more glitchy and the picture would randomly freeze for 30 seconds at a time.
So, after dumping both, I found out it is easier to just play diablo 3 via RDP.