Sonceri's RP Resources

Hello folks! For a while now, I’ve been creating tons of resources for roleplayers in WoW, tabletop, and other MMOs. I’ve quietly just created and shared with a few folks, but it’s time to expand!

What you’ll find:

I have a ton of other projects in the works:

  • More graphic resources
  • More journals and scrolls Google Slides
  • WoW RPG in Discord/Roll20 guide
  • Battlemaps
  • More resources for tabletop adventures

Thanks and enjoy!



:star2: UPDATE: Wax Seals PSD files!

At Tournament of Ages, I had a blast making free wax seals for players with some fun roleplay tossed in. I updated my files and now have a series of PSDs you can download and craft your own seals.

I may start releasing wax seals and coin packs. For now, enjoy!



I highly recommend these resources and have used a few myself. They are really well put together and easy to navigate.

Thank you for sharing these with our community.


Sonceri is the bomb and all the resources put out are amazing work for all to tinker and putter with.


Thank ya kindly! :smiley: Many more projects in the works. Interested in helping in game mmo rp, tabletops, discord…allllll the things!


Sonc is absolutely wonderful and her work is amazing. Not only did she build the Argent Advance’s airship, The Resolute, through 3D modeling and her toon ICly, but she is always lending a helping hand.

Thank you, Sonc. You’re the best <3


Oh my goodness, you are just too kind to share with the community :heart:


:love_letter: Added more scrolls to the Scrollcase! You can use this Google Slides deck to create, save, and share scrolls! Use them for missives, letters, grocery lists, wanted posters, troop movements, campaigns, love letters, declarations of war, etc.

Now includes one scroll for Alliance, Horde, Argent Crusade, Scarlet Crusade, and Kirin Tor!

Learn more and access the slide deck from here!


Doing the Loa’s work here, Sonceri, it’s lovely work as always <3

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More scrolls - added an Ebon Blade and San’Layn! Also posted a few more coins and seals!

You can copy the slides deck to make scrolls/letters. And download the seals and coins to use where ever you like.


Added a Notice Board Google Slide deck with two slide options to post multiple decrees, wanted posters, and more! Great for quests, outposts, finding renters for your apartment, etc.

More options will be added over time. All you need is a Google account, text, maybe a neat screenshot, and an urge to create something cool for your events and friends! :slight_smile:

The deck link is on the same page as posters!


So excited! Pirate coins, here I come. :skull_and_crossbones:

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Thank you! I will have to tap into these later.

Your work is incredible! Keep being a great pillar of the community Sonc!

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OMG thank you for this

Thanks folks! So much more on the way. Also working on a ton of stuff for the Warcraft Conquest campaign. Hoping to release Guide to the Hidden, storytelling and event help for stealth, scouting, and heists!


Gonna chime in with another “these are amazing”. Very lovely work.

Oh gosh, where are the heart eyes? This is amazing! :heart_eyes:


:giraffe: Barrens Themed Cards

With Warcraft Conquest: Thornwake complete, the Photoshop files are available for event cards and loot/npcs! The files give you fonts and layouts to just add a graphic and edit text. Bam instant Barrens themed cards. This time…I went further! The cards have faction backgrounds for Horde, Alliance, Argent, all factions together, and PVP!

Check these pages for those files and more! All PSD files are free to download and use for creating RP tales and events of your own. :slight_smile:

:art: Logos and More

I’ve also worked on a few other pieces for the upcoming Battle of the Bilge Horde Coalition and SLP Stormwind Civil War campaigns!

:building_construction: In Progress

Finishing up the Stealth/Spy/Scouting event guide for dungeon masters, guild banner Photoshop file, and updates/additions for the event map card!


I’m definitely liking what I’m seeing here :eyes: