Some Auction House items unpurchaseable

We’re aware of a bug that is causing some items to get stuck in invalid listings.

This is a priority for us to fix, however, we expect the fix to take 2-3 more days.

We’ll let you know as soon as the fix is deployed.


Praise all that is unholy, we finally have some acknowledgement and info. Thank you.

In spite of how massive the issue itself is, some confirmation was really what most of us were after.

Interested in seeing what, if any, mitigation Blizzard does…or even can do…to offset the damage done. The economy is going to take weeks to recover, tons of people have been swindled out of a TON of gold, and, conversely, a lot of other people have made a ton of undeserved gold (and are planning on doing so in other ways once it’s fixed). Not to mention people have been prevented from a lot of actual gameplay as a consequence of the entire AH being messed up (unable to purchase consumables, craft legendaries, etc. needed for meaningful content).

Also, the fix taking 2-3 more days on top of it being an issue since late Tuesday/early Wednesday…there’s got to be something seriously messed up, lol. That or the framework surrounding it is pure spaghetti…either way, not good.


Yeah it only took them three days. I’m beyond pissed off with this BS. Shadowlands has been nothing but a steaming pile.


Almost four days; the first few issues popped up very late Tue/very early Wed. It just didn’t spread to and blow up the entire AH until Thur morning. Lol. But yea.

And apparently the entire AH is going to remain broken until around reset. At which point there will be a fix, and then a complete madhouse afterwards that will stress and break stuff again.

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You guys have to close the auction house until the fix is in. Not only for yourselves and the amount of gold issues going on, but for the buyers. Just close the AH until the fix is in. We have trade chat. Everyone can get along in trade chat for a few days. I think buyers would rather use trade chat to find consumables than going to buy one missive and ending up spending thousands of gold.


I haven’t seen any reports of what is going on, so I’ll list this because of the oddity of what happened.

I was posting two blue items for sale. At the end of the post, suddenly a Purification Potion jumped on the screen (for sale). It’s not mine, not something I purchased and relisted, etc. No idea where it came from.

It was listed on the AH for sale for 4 gold and the length of the sale was 49710 days and 6 hours (this was as of the post time earlier today).

This. Myself and others have screamed for this all week. The longer this goes on, the more damage is done, the more some take advantage while others get swindled, and the longer it will take for the economy to recover. Closing down the AH is the only way to stem the tide and mitigate any further wreckage.

God forbid those token sales take a hit though, I guess.


Speaking of token sales, supposedly people selling tokens have been making well over advertised price. Trying to get screenshot proof now

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Thank you blizzard for at least acknowledging this!


And then what’ll happen to those ppl who lose their gold ?
I mean, a friend lends me gold that he exchanged between kingdoms through the auction house and today when I entered to the game I no longer had the gold borrowed, I put the report on the support page but there has been no response

if blizzard turn off / disable The Remote Auction House for mobile users and do a server restart / reset it may fix it. this all started when this was applyed about 3 or 4 days ago

we hope, lol.

2-3 days is either because they dont work on the weekend and/or it requires a patch and they wont push a patch until maintenance on Tuesday.

This happens everytime a bug pops up at the end of the week, if its not in the Friday hotfixes, we just have to deal with it until Monday/Tuesday.

FINALLY! I won’t say ‘what took you so long’ but I just did. I hope, HOPE that whatever fix is applied in 2-3 days will actually fix the AH because it’s obviously put a giant cramp in our abilities to function. I’m an alchemist. Can’t make some stuff without my flowers and can’t purchase the flowers. Thx Blizz.

Are they all those listings of mine that are expiring in 135 years?

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I just want to find my gold that vanished from mail due to being an ‘Invalid Item’. I do hope this is addressed as well.

The bug didn’t “pop up at the end of the week”. It’s been an issue since very late Tuesday/early Wednesday and was reported then by many of us. That’s why so many of us are heated.

It just didn’t catch anybody’s attention or force a blue post until yesterday because:

A) it didn’t spread to virtually every single cross-realm item in existence until Thursday/Friday. Once it started hammering things like essentia, then people started really raising a ruckus.

B) The bulk of the playerbase, including most casuals, doesn’t log meaningful time on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. Once everybody started logging in late week/weekend, all hell broke loose and the heat turned up.

So yea, let’s not act like this popped up at 4:59 on Friday evening. Some of us have been kicking and screaming about this all week, warning that it would spread and have dire consequences.


This bug is far more dire and beyond what your blue post here says.

People continue to buy essentia at BUGGED prices, for FAR LESS than they’re supposed to be buying them for, while the seller gets the entire 10k (NA actual price at the time of this post) that they’ve posted it for. You’re in essence, creating gold out of thin air every single time someone does this. FOR 2-3 MORE days?!

Then you go back to those accounts where they had purchased the lower-than-expected essentia, and remove their gold with no message or mail as to WHY their characters suddenly have no gold.

PLEASE don’t let this go on for another 2-3 days. Please just stop this now. People are “buying” essentia for 1k-2.5k and the ACTUAL NA price is creeping up to 10k - but your auction house doesn’t even display this.


But won’t somebody think of Blizzard’s token sales? How are they supposed to sell tokens if they close the AH?


Side note, yes, there are unpurchaseable items displaying - but you can buy higher up the list to the legit items if you have enough pocket change to account for the bugged items that are listed first.

It’ll tell you that it wants to charge you something silly like 8 million gold (and yes, you have to have that gold on you) then it will actually charge you a different amount, and you’ll also receive a different amount (around 1k per essentia) - but the seller, will get what they’ve priced them at (which is around 10k per essentia).

Then a few days later, Blizzard will come and take the difference that you owe. So if you’re buying essentia right now thinking that you’re getting some magnificent deal, be careful.