Widowbloom still bugged on AH after the Auction House reset

Bug Report forum would get this looked at.

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I believe its market fixing on behalf of Blizz at this point.

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I noticed if I click to buy I get this but if I type in the amount I want and hit buy it doesn’t happen.

It’s weird.

I’ve been trying to buy tomes for past 2 days, but to no avail, due to this bug.

Even setting it quantity 1 doesn’t work. I always get "This item is no longer available.”

Apparently, no one else can buy it either since I still see the same amount of tomes being sold at the same price.

This might be a possibility.
Market manipulation by bots
Bots breaking the AH
The AH is just flat out broken.

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This is what gets my vote.

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Dear OP,
Someone is buying the stuff because today I sold all that I had. I would say that the actual issue is you’re getting beaten out by the AH bots.

yeah, months from now…

Time to bite the bullet and go back to server cluster AHs, Blizzard. This new AH is a fail. I’m not an AH player, I just want to be able to buy the items I need that I can’t craft myself. I can’t do that with this new system.


and that someone is a bot. It’s been busted for a week at this point.

ETA 2-3 days fix on it apparently.

did a test buy of 1 Widowbloom (at 14g 99s ) and was able to buy it but proenitor essentia is still effed up

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The best part isn’t even the 2,634 listed for 1s. It’s the fact that every listing in that window is below not only the vendor value of the item, but also below the AH deposit price for listing that item for auction.

This is how you know your economy is Working as Intended™.

Looks like you can still buy them but there are a bunch of ghost listings with 0 available.

Bets on extended maintenance tomorrow related to the AH?

Lol, I’d be shorting that position.

did another test clicked the proenitor essentia from 1s to 100g and sitll got "This item is no longer available.” from the ghost listings

Dear blizzard,
You’ve done messed up the auction house.
Please consider reverting

any “Improvements” like this always have bugs on live. blizzard needs to test about 30 days or more to find any problems