Some Auction House items unpurchaseable

I agree about closing it. Having the AH closed is inconvenient, especially on low-pop realms like mine, but it’s better than all these scuffed transactions.


Tell Ya, if I lose all my gold, I have because of this I will be leaving the game and never coming back. Had that happen to me in SW:ToR, where I had around 660 million platinum on my character, discovered a game bug, duplicated it to see that it was reported it and received a 3-day suspension and they took all my money that I had made from 5 years of daily’s, quests and selling things.

When the 1st AH came up and then taken down within a day, I got gold for item selling plus item back so I vender the item so to stay close to legit for the issue. But now I am trying to buy things for my crafter to level and having to buy things more than I would like to get the materials all to resell the completed products on the broker for massive losses because a lot of people are crafting as well. But if the agreed upon price I bought my materials for ends up costing me more than what I clicked on accept to purchase than I am gone as I don’t play the game to be taken advantage of by a Blizzard mistake.

While we’re at it, can we get any help with Mythic keystones no being able to be listed? This has been a problem since the season started, and we’ve gotten nothing but crickets

Can we not hijack bug threads with completely unrelated bugs/complaints?


At this rate, they should rollback the AH entirely, then do a full test on the AH systems again, maybe as I’ve said a few times here, start requesting people to go in the PTR and so actual testing and prize them with gametime, achievs, … something.
Having it on ptr and testing with 500~1000 players is a small piece compared to having 100000~1M people using (only blizz really knows)…

Also, one thing that I did noticed that I really doubt will be fixed on this, cause it’s not really a bug, but a bad design, is that things with high rotation and several prices are very hard to buy, as so many keep buying short amount, if u want to buy let’s say the first 100 where there are 50 at 99g and 50 at 100g, u simply will cry in rage, cause the AH price will keep shifting as items go in and out.
There is not really a full proof fix for this, but the AH should go either way:
Allow the player to set a threshold in %
Allow the player to buy at the lower price even though the price shifted a little.

Does this mean the Auction House will be completely off-line and closed for 2-3 days? Or will there still be some access?

Nah, it’s currently fully down, they are likely actively working on it, or doing a quick reset to work around the problem, or testing a temporary fix maybe, but i doubt they will keep it 2 days down.
btw, the 2~3 days was from yesterday, it was sort of working(some stuff anyway) until about 30min ago

Do a complete server rollback and give people 30 days of game time.

Hopefully they will fix it asap so we can post and buy stuff. I need to repost all my stuff.

While I have seen server rollbacks in the past, all the real lifetime spent depending on how far it was rollbacked wouldn’t make up for all the personal time lost since I was on vacation during the issue in question and when I go back my time goes back to being limited and I couldn’t duplicate all the stuff I loss in that time in 30 days of gametime.

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Yes, lets get mad at other people that are mad about the same issue because my timing of the bug didnt match up with yours. Get a grip.


Maybe have some self awareness and step away from the computer for a bit, lol.

No one here is “mad” (except you, apparently). Just pointing out that this is a bug report forum, and it’s generally bad etiquette (and pointless/generally unhelpful besides) to hijack or derail threads with completely separate and unrelated issues and bug complaints.


You can always just go farm them, and save some money in the process

Look at your post history, youve been consumed by this bug the whole week. Im the one that needs to step away from the computer? Have some self awareness that you dont to comment on every post about this.


What is going to happen to items on auction when the ah was taken down? Will we get our items back or are they gone forever?

Hey Blizz, When will the Auction House be back?

Last time this happened (earlier this week) you got the items back in the mail and anything that sold you got as well. That was why when I got the items back that sold for gold, I vendored the items because they were technically a duped item and I wanted to stay as legit as I could and not get in trouble.

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love paying a sub to beta test a unnecesarry and unwanted “feature” that just broke what was working fine!


You call it unnecessary and unwanted but a majority who played on a small server where prices are crazy, auctions sell slowly, and the legendary base item economy was horrible would heavily disagree. This especially will be felt well when we see a return to focus on professions next expansion. It sucks that there is bugs, but this feature once working properly will help a lot of the game’s community.

It is still significantly bugged and yes people are taking advantage of how bugged it is. Please, for the health of the playerbase, the economy and the blizzard staffers that’ll have to go back and fix what is essentially multiple gold printing bugs and people profiting from exploiting: close it back down.

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