Bug made me buy 197k worth of missive of mastery

How is this possible? I tried to buy one and it automatically purcdhased hundreds of them. Is there any way to have this undone?

I dont use any auction house addons, and I cant find a way to report this in game. This is most of my money and this is not fair.

This same thing happened to my son yesterday. He lost 75k of gold because the AH sold way more than he needed. He’s a Hard Core gamer, been playing MMO’s for years, and knew what he was doing, but the AH got one over on him.

Likely a part of this bug:

It’s a huge issue right now, but unfortunately I really don’t think Blizzard is going to be able to fully fix all of the fallout from it because of how pervasive it is. It’s at the gamebreaking point, and there’s no way for Blizzard to tell who truly intended to buy a certain amount and who didn’t.

Its disheartening to see how few threads in this forum have replies from blizz

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It is their (perfectly reasonable) stated policy not to reply to bug threads unless they need to request more info. The people fixing the bugs are busy fixing the bugs. Their expertise is not in placating angry customers. And the placating people don’t work on the weekends and rarely post outside General.


While this is true and I’ve often made the same arguments over the years, this is a massive, gamebreaking issue (as you can see from the thread I linked to) that is causing absolute chaos in the economy…and is now affecting the actual gameplay of literally anyone doing meaningful content. It’s absolutely not unreasonable to expect a “Hey, we’re aware of this critical bug and are working on it”. Other games/developers/etc. do it far more often over far less pervasive issues.

Additionally, this has been an issue since Wednesday morning (it started with Widowbloom, First Flower, and Cosmic Healing Potion late Tue/early Wed…before spreading to literally EVERY commodity and consumable over the next couple of days), so the “the placating people don’t work on weekends” thing only goes so far. (Also, yes, they do actually work on weekends.)

I’m a huge apologist when it comes to stuff like this, but the buck stops somewhere. If I handled PR situations like this with my own business, I’d have been closed down and run out of town by day 2 or 3.

Edit: Blue post finally came down: Some Auction House items unpurchaseable

It’s possible because the system is bugged. There are three missives of mastery which have existed locked in at 40 gold since early Thursday. And then now since then there’s more locked into certain points, so when you go to buy you can’t buy the ones that are locked because technically they don’t exist in terms of you cannot purchase them. They are not available.

So you have to buy X amount to get to the first one which you can actually buy. Except the game doesn’t have the functionality to recognize the rest are broken beyond telling you that you cannot buy the ghost ones/bugged ones, so when you do reach the ones which truly exist, you are buying ALL the ones you had to enter beforehand to get to that price point.

If three are listed at 40g but don’t exist in truth.
If another forty exist at 55g but don’t exist in truth.
And the next listing is at 60g, and you only want to buy one you have to buy 44. 44-40 at the 55g, -3 at the 40g and then the one for the 60g one… except the game then buys 44 at 60g.

Yes, this has been bugged reported by many. And yes, unfortunately, there are many taking advantage of it.

Apparently the game decided I bought 230k worth of Progenitor Essentia.