So when is the Diamond Flask getting fixed?

Get pooped on magey

Usually this is not the case and you know it. Most warriors rolling on items like this wait till nobody else in group actually needs it for a healing spec. Or they form a group for specific items and make it clear that they will be needing on those particular items before the run starts. I am sure it happens occasionally, but those are d-bags that would probably ninja anything regardless of flask or not.

Fixed that for you.

FURTHERMORE, this same functionality existed on the super rare 2h epic sword from Baron, and once players pointed it out, Blizzard quickly nerfed it by removing the +heal scaling on the self healing effect.

So they go out of their way to nerf the super rare 2h sword…but NOT nerf the easily-acquired blue trinket that every warrior can get?

Why the double standard?


How exactly does it work?

Is it 100% scaling on every tick?

So if someone has 100+healimg and usea the flask does it tick for 109 health every 5 seconds?

Because Blizzard is incompetent.

That’s a dangerous line to tread because there were many bugs introduced with patch 2.0 that were patched out very quickly after on the actual release in 2.0.1 on December 5th of 2006 that a nefarious person could then claim “1.12.2 working as intended” when that wasn’t actually true.

I cast no judgment here, just pointing out that it’s hard to say how things actually were in real vanilla because we don’t have a working original server to test.

In my opinion if they’re going to break the #NoChange policy and fix bugs such as terrain exploits/boss pulls in Alterac Valley which was broken in Vanilla

Why are they not fixing other endeavors?

The 2h sword can be equipped and unequipped while in combat and has 0 cooldown.

Yes but you can get that up to ~1k hp per tick.

Except that the WOW Classic team stated that they have a working 1.12.# reference copy running (1.12.0 I think, could be wrong), as well as a changelog from the very beginning (as in pre-Alpha beginning). Nefarious people can claim all they want, but Blizzard can check directly.

There were numerous bug fixes in Vanilla that did not make it into Classic WoW that had to be patched in after the fact that according to the “reference client” would have allowed these bugs to persist in Classic WoW.

Its fairly obvious that the reference client is not exactly a pure duplicate of Vanilla 1.12, even though they may have rebuilt the 1.12 client, this does not mean that the complete set of hotfixes and patches to bugs in Vanilla were included in build.

As a result the reference client shows a certain behavior, but that behavior did not match vanilla, and thus we have:

Because if the reference client was perfect then we would not have this massive long list of things that blizzard fixed.

This all stems from them on properly documenting commits to build during that time. Not nefarious intention. When something with the community is wrong, they check reference, verified sources and fixes to the client as documented throughout early TBC (oops I fixed that months ago but need to look like I am currently doing something so mark as solved now).

No doubt this has been a learning experience to better document and keep track of fixes for their games, and clean up archive code in case of future projects.

you have misinterpreted the point I was trying to make, I was not talking about blizzard using patch notes in a nefarious way, but people who would seek buffs for their own class.

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Ah true, yeah people trying to get one by on blizz are terrible.

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I don’t buy it. War only item. Pally if full of it.

You mean like mages exploit pathing to have an entire dungeon’s worth of mobs run back and forth within blizzard? Like hunters exploit pathing to solo King Gordok? How warlocks exploit pathing to kill Zevrim Thornhoof (and various other mobs)? None of which are on 7 minute cooldowns or require acquiring a second set of items to take up space in their bags?

Elune forbid that a protection specced warrior be able to farm once every 7 minutes.

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Not really. Any threat it does generate is cheese, of course, but it isn’t much. Firstly, overhealing generates no threat. Secondly, healing threat is 50% of the health healed. Thirdly it ticks every 5 seconds, so with 500 +healing and no overhealing at all, that comes out to about 100 healing/sec which would be 50 TPS.

The real usefulness of diamond flask is allowing a warrior to solo things he wouldn’t otherwise be able to solo. Once every 7 minutes.

ETA: when warriors are pushing 2.5k TPS, adding a theoretical 50 TPS is a drop in the bucket.

In this case, because it helped paladins. Probably. Combined with the always on nature of the sword - it wasn’t an on-use item with a 7 minute cooldown.

Not saying your premise is wrong, although I think the percentage of warriors who have ever sustained 2.5K TPS for an entire boss fight is small, and those who have done so probably did it on Vael, an extremely short gimmick fight, with Death Wish and Recklessness popped while being spammed with max rank heals.

But anyway, since the warrior is the one doing the healing, it is affected by the warrior’s Defensive Stance, which is increased by the Defiance talent. The multiplier is 1.45. So that 50% is actually 72.5%.

Also, the cooldown on the trinket is 6 min. I was under the impression that the cooldown started when you popped it, not after the 1 min. HoT was finished. If so, it would be once every 6 min., not once every 7 min.