So when is the Diamond Flask getting fixed?

Here is proof that during 1.7 (long before 1.12) there was fix to remove all spellpower scaling from self healing items:

All item based self heals will no longer be effected by equipment that provides bonuses to healing. This change affects both the Arcanite Champion and the Crusader Enchantment.

The diamond flask was missed because it was added in 1.8. Clearly this was an oversight.

edit: per the most recent patch notes, Blizzard has stated the following:

Developers’ notes: As always, our intention is to accurately represent the 1.12 design intent of the game, and these bugs are clear examples of behaviors that were never intended.

Snapshotting, 100% +healing scaling on a warrior quest trinket is quite obviously not an intended mechanic.


They said working as intended


Which is weird because if there was a fix in 1.7 (not 1.12) that removed spell power scaling from self healing items, why is that a thing in Classic?

And Blizzard have already shown they’re willing to make changes to stop, “exploitative” behaviour. Players are absolutely exploiting the Diamond Flask.


Yeah Diamond Flask is stupidly broken. Using healing gear to scale the heal to absurd levels still works.

I don’t use it because I’m not a tank, but it comes off as arbitrary imo that they fixed other items like Baron’s sword but not this one.


Also doesn’t it generate a lot of threat? Which is definitely exploited?


It will get fixed in TBC just like it did in retail.


Sounds like it’s an oversight they missed in their original fix, and as it’s being exploited, needs to be changed. As Blizzard has made a firm stance they are against player, “exploitation” of mechanics accurate to vanilla.


They said working as intended so it’s working as intended

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Instances were working as intended, until one day they were not.


Blizz literally posted in the bug forum saying they are fine with it and they’re not changing it

Yet they arbitrarily changed the way instances work, despite them working as intended until they weren’t.

Blizzard can’t have it both ways. Either they’re fine with players, “exploiting” mechanics or they’re not.


Clearly they can have it any way they want bc they’re doing whatever they please


Yeah… that’s really not a good way to run the game. But players knew the only way for Classic to fail is by Blizzard ruining it.


They should probably go ahead and fix it tbh. Nobody was exploiting this in Vanilla to this level, and if they had been, it would have been hot fixed. So go ahead and fix it tbh.


Are we worried about warriors doing something that another class couldnt just do 100x easier with diamond flask? Is there some broken gold farm due to the average warrior with AH healing gear that is shaming mages?

Or are we just complaining about something that has little to no effect on the game?


A, “flask set” provides a huge heal and threat boost, as the heal from Diamond Flask scales with +healing. That’s why it’s an exploit.


Actually its an item with stats boosted by gear, an exploit is like when say a warlock uses mob pathing to solo instances like say DM:E

What are warriors on mass doing with diamond flask that is getting everyone panties in a bunch? You think with out diamond flask they won’t be MT’ing? They are the only logical option.


killing them probably lol

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Stop. Just. Stop. You’re wrong.

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No, it is clearly not intended to work that way. The OP posted a patch note where Blizzard specifically removed spell power scaling from self-heal items, but Flask apparently made it through unnoticed. It’s an exploit because it works in an unintended way (self-heal item scaling with +healing) and generates a very large heal and threat burst.

Warriors have a full +heal set and are using it specifically for flask for the threat and heal at the start of a fight. It’s not about them suddenly not being able to MT, it’s about that huge boost of threat and health allowed for DPS to ignore threat even more.

It’s weird that you’re supportive of the instance lockout limit but are defending another exploit.