So when is the Diamond Flask getting fixed?

Time to ban all those people in Org then, standing on roofs!

Back again to topic. Plz fix the obvious Diamond Flask oversight.

Pretty sure this is the most ironic post ever considering its being posted by a mage who can literally solo pull mobs in a 20 man raid and kill them for gold.

Youre literally trying to take away a warriors only method of effective gold farm

For the sweatiest heal set, flask will grant about 300 TPS for every tick that doesn’t overheal. The likelihood that the MT isn’t getting overheal from their diamond flask is virtually zero.

nah my heal set is sub par and im at 360 per tick. Ive seen video where warriors get it well above 600

Edit youre talking about threat not heals per tick my bad

Guyz warriors can use diamond flask to give themselves a hot and/or kill 1-2 elites solo or a hot which makes little difference in any raid with competent healers, meanwhile mages are soloing hundreds of elites with rank 1 blizzard and that’s kewl np


really good to use as dps too as u arent healing prio

Yeah that’s fair, I probably will build a healing set before AQ, just been lazy and have way too much gear in the bags atm.

(Maybe I’ve been hoping they nerf it so I don’t have to :rofl:)

I really dont see the problem. it isnt game breaking and helps warriors alot farming

I mean they can say that. And hey can be wrong. Just because they announce it as “working as intended” doesn’t mean it’s not a problem and not the wrong decision. We can still demand better of this company. It was CLEARLY never intended to have the spellpower snapshot healing, AND it wasn’t noticed that it did until TBC. This doesn’t make it OK to leave in. Design intent should matter more than 1.12 client data.

At the end of the day we didn’t want Classic back because we wanted the 1.12 client reference, we wanted Classic back because we loved the way the original devs made this game and how they cared about the game, and how they felt about design. You can’t replicate that if you still refuse to acknowledge that’s what made wow great.

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Never :smiley:
EZ 1K heals per tick

of course. hunters are broken. they know about it. but refuse to do anything because it will take too much work.

my guess is that anything that goes against “retail” data or the way retail is built, they won’t do.

I hope they fix it. This really annoys me playing warrior and being forced to carry a cloth set.

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Or you can just use a Greater Stoneshield Potion and literally not bother.

I wanted the original systems :man_shrugging: not a rebalance.

So what’s the exploit?

So, once again, this question is relevant

Actually, the flask trivializes several raid fights that should be much more difficult or slower due to both the healing and the threat gain.

The fights were trivial long before the diamond flask was a thing.

It’s allowing raid teams to clear content faster than intended and removing threat management as something that needs to be done in the raid environment.

Threat management is still very much a thing that needs to happen - that’s why most good MT’s go DW fury/Prot: for maximum threat generation.

But I’m less concerned about the what of your post and far more interested in the motivation behind your post.

I suspect what has happened is you finally fumbled your way into a decent raid team that had requirements - one of them being to have a flask set. You never bothered to do the quest for it, as let’s be honest, ST is a pain to do; So you were rightly reprimanded for coming to raid unprepared. So rather than work on your flask set, you decided to come whine on the forums.

qpon jus salty cuz hes a mage that loses to warriors 1v1

Warriors be like “yeah I need that for my tanking set, which actually also includes my dps and healing sets, so I need healing gear, every weapon, leather, mail, and plate dps gear, and of course any tank items. that’s cool, right?”


Neither myself or our other MT have used Diamond Flask on a fight with a healing set. Shorts fights don’t matter, and long fights won’t see the benefit where it counts. I understand the complaints, and know that its fix is inevitable, but…

Really, can we fix mage boosting and farming, too? Seems weird to shoehorn in this change now, after being okay with it for so long, while other issues in the game quite literally destroy the economy.