So when is the Diamond Flask getting fixed?

Of course the percentage of tanks who can push that TPS is small, that’s the current upper bound. And yes, that number is only for a couple of fights - the ones where tank threat output matters the most. And as you said, they are already going to be spammed with max rank heals for those fights, so the vast majority of the healing from diamond flask will be wasted as overhealing and will produce no aggro.

Not even REMOTELY true.

What’s dead in BC is the complete and total ignorance of +defense. Threat is an actual mechanic.

Arcane mages have the lowest threat per damage value there is. EJ existed in BC. People were optimized.

Arcane mages were s-tier with warlocks, BM hunters, and insanely geared fire mages in BC.

Mages aren’t dead in TBC, but they’re certainly not an S-tier PVE class.

For some reason the word “Sunwell” popped in my head.

I actually played a lock in BC. Believe me I have seen crazy arcane mage parses where the locks are sitting there threat capped particularly in Sunwell. The thing is most mages didn’t swap to missiles build when 4 piece t6 supported it. We we’re lucky too, we had a rogue and a fury warrior with glaives. Our biggest issue was always avoiding threat cap, not healing checks or tank checks. It was always threat.

And nobody makes less threat per damage with a strong threat drop than arcane.

That fallacy was because fire looked stronger on paper. Threat per damage as arcane was much lower.

My recollection is that the issue was that arcane was unsustainable, mana-wise, without gear that only became available quite late in the expansion.

Tier 5 is when arcane gets nuts. And it 100% needed the support of both a shadowpriest ele or resto shammy. But so do locks anyway. Particularly ele for locks for totem of wrath to lower hit cap and maximize +damage and crit.

The missiles build was more Mana hungry which is why that was usually held off until t6 and Sunwell. Before that Regen phases with downranked frostbolt spam and the traditional 40/0/31 build are more prevalent from t4-t5.

dats too many points


Loatheb says hi

Most of lothebs damage is past the 1 minute mark so yeah if your dps has 2 GM healing maces and a flask equipped it will help with saving potions, but otherwise its not a great for it. Arguably a fight like patchwerk it would be way more useful on. Even though your spam healing anyway. It maximizes the chances the ticks will actually be effective in healing the tank so they get the threat.

I read that as running it rather than ruining it, then released it worked either way.

The question then would be was it fixed because it was broken in Vanilla or because they where concerned with its scaling into TBC with even more powerful gear? I suspect it was broken initially, but many things where changed for TBC for these reasons.

Stop crying. Your class is overpowered 5/5 times, let me be overpowered 1/5 times.